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Baseball Medals From Signature Coins are a Home Run


Custom sports medals for activities like road races, marathons, golf and wrestling signify a phenomenal personal achievement. The athletes who earn them should always feel proud of their singular accomplishments. However, baseball, football, basketball and hockey challenge coins represent a team’s accomplishments while spotlighting each individual member of that team and the unique skills they bring to the table. In this sense, baseball medals serve an interesting dual purpose: They acknowledge the individual and congratulate them on a job well done while also building team unity by reinforcing the individual’s place within the collective. 

At Signature Coins, we understand the hard work that goes into conditioning for a baseball game, and the painstaking attention to detail required to put together a truly great team. It’s those same qualities that we’ve spent the last 15+ years pouring into the creation of custom challenge coins and sports medals from all walks of life. If you’re ready to take your baseball team up to the next level, contact us and let us get to work creating a keepsake your players will value forever. 

There’s No Crying in Baseball Challenge Coins

You might be wondering just who needs baseball medals, anyway? The simple answer is everyone running a team or a baseball league needs them. That’s because these unique custom-made objects aren’t just for presenting to the winners of league competition. The best use of these medals is to instill a sense of team unity and sportsmanship amongst players. 

Giving players multiple ways to earn their unique sports medals is sure to make your players work harder, pitch faster and throw farther than the other team. Giving out coins for best performance in a game, best teamwork moment, most improved player, hardest practice or best sportsmanship are easy ways to ensure your players show up ready to perform each day. Seeing their teammates earn baseball medals is sure to spur everyone on the diamond to their own personal best in attempt to join the ranks of players with multiple medals. 

So much of game preparation in every sport is about watching film and dissecting what went wrong and where a player can improve. The great thing about custom challenge coins is there’s all about rewarding what players are doing correctly and not focusing on the negative. Implementing sports medals into your team is sure to increase morale, build team unity, and make for a happy cohesive dugout. 

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Starting New Baseball Traditions

Baseball, like most sports, is as much about the traditions surrounding it as it is about the action on the diamond. It simply wouldn’t be America’s pastime without cheap hot dogs, people bringing their mits to the game hoping to catch foul balls and home runs, and ceremonial first pitches. 

With baseball challenge coins, the opportunities for new traditions abound. For example, starting the season by giving each player on your team a small amount of coins opens the door for players on each team trading coins with the opposing player they respect. This tradition replaces, or enhances, the postgame-handshake tradition. 

If you want to enact this tradition with your team, one thing you’ll need is to make sure your unique team coins are special enough to inspire envy amongst the competition. With Signature Coins’ wide range of customization options, you’re sure to be able to lead the pack with your sports medal design. 

Signature Coins customization options include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Custom edging options
  • Antique metal plating
  • Offset printing
  • Silkscreen
  • Epoxy dome
  • Challenge coin cut outs
  • 3D challenge coins
  • Sequential numbering
  • Edge numbering
  • Glow in the dark
  • Coin display options

With so many options at your fingertips, Signature Coins is sure to be able to help you produce medals that stand out in any collection. 


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No League is Too Small

If you’re worried that your team or your league is too small to warrant adopting baseball medals into their practices, rest assured that Signature Coins isn’t here just to cater to MLB heavy hitters. The benefits of challenge coins extend to all players engaged in the sport no matter the level they’re playing at. In fact, instilling notions of team unity and sportsmanship is something that’s best done at a young age so that those players can carry those ideals with them into their futures in the sport. 

  • American leagues that will benefit from the introduction of baseball medals include:
  • Dizzy Dean Baseball
  • National Adult Baseball Association
  • Dixie Youth Baseball
  • American Legion Baseball
  • Babe Ruth League
  • Little League Baseball
  • National Baseball Congress
  • Northwest Independent Baseball League
  • USA Baseball

Regardless of the age or skill level of your players, baseball challenge coins are the perfect memento to commemorate their time and celebrate their hard work in playing the game.


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Bring it on Home With Signature Coins

At Signature Coins, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality products with exceptional customer service. For over 15 years, we’ve worked hard to streamline our order and delivery process down to three easy to follow steps. 

Step one consists of you giving us a general idea of what you want your baseball medals to look like. Within 24 to 48 hours of your initial contact, you’ll receive the first proof of your medal and a quote for the order. 

Step two is the unlimited revisions stage. Once you receive your first art proof and quote, you’re on deck with our unlimited free revision process. This means you’re free to suggest as many edits and request as many revisions to your medal as you need to get it absolutely perfect. Only when you’re happy with the design and final look of your medal will we move forward into production and delivery. 

Step three in production. Once you’ve signed off and your order has been processed, we’ll begin production of your medals and ensure that you’ll have the final product delivered to you in 14 days or fewer via FREE UPS Priority Air Shipping within the U.S.

Contact our specialists today and see what a new baseball medal tradition can do for your ball club. 




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