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Australian Armed Forces have been a part of the country for all of its history, but the formation of the Australian Defense Force as its known today started with the Federation of Australia. When the six different colonies of Australia decided to unite and form the Commonwealth of Australia in the late 1800s, the question of how best to defend this new nation had to be addressed. Mounting pressure from Germany and France made the possibility of an attack imminent. Quickly after Federation, the Department of Defense established the Commonwealth Military Forces. With these early decisions, the defense of Australia and its national interests began. 

Today, the Australian Defense Force is made up of brave men and women working to uphold Australia’s defense policy. Their hard work and sacrifice is best recognized with the presentation of Australian Defense Force challenge coins. The coins work to enhance team unity and boost morale amongst enlisted troops. 

Australian Defence Sinai Challenge Coins

The entirety of the ADF consists of three services and nine groups. The services consist of soldiers and personnel working on the ground, in the water and in the air to defend the country. ADF services include:

  • The Australian Army
  • The Royal Australian Navy
  • The Royal Australian Air Force

While each service used to be separate and independent of one another, they currently work together and are all organized under the collective command of the Minister of Defense.

The nine groups that complete the formation of the ADF make up the defense corporate structure. These nine groups include:

  • Strategic Policy & Intelligence Group
  • Vice Chief of the Defence Force
  • Chief Information Officer Group
  • Chief Finance Officer Group
  • Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group
  • People Group
  • Estate & Infrastructure Group
  • Joint Operations Command
  • Science & Technology Group

Like each service, each group has its own personnel and tasks working together in the furthering of the ultimate goals of the Australian Defense Force. 

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Australian Army Challenge Coins

The Australian Army has a rich and varied history spanning over 100 years. To be part of the Australian Army is to be part of protecting Australia, its national interests and its people, as well as helping other nations to recover from conflict or natural disaster.

With over 30,000 active duty soldiers and over 14,000 active reserves, the Australian Army is the largest service within the ADF. They offer for the defense of Australia from through land-based tactics and maneuvers. 

Australian Army challenge coins help to instill a strong sense of unity amongst the men and women carrying them. With symbols, mottos and emblems of their specific units blazoned across the coins, the soldiers who earn a challenge carry a piece of their unit with them everywhere they go. 

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Royal Australian Navy Challenge Coins

Prior to Federation, each of the individual colonies of Australia were responsible for protecting their own coastline. The collective navies of the colonies weren’t very strong, and the nation mostly relied on the Royal Navy for its defense. Today, the Royal Australian Navy boasts of over 16,000 permanent sailors and over 4,700 reserve sailors. 

One of the largest and most sophisticated naval forces in the Pacific region, the Royal Australian Navy consists of nearly 50 commissioned vessels housed and launched from four bases located across the country. The naval bases of the Royal Australian Navy include:

  • HMAS Albatross
  • HMAS Moreton
  • HMAS Platypus
  • HMAS Watson

Life on each base differs and the history of each is as rich and interesting as the stories of the sailors serving. These unique individuals deserve challenge coins as distinct as they are. With Signature Coins, you gain the advantage of being able to choose your challenge coins’ color, size, shape, plating and many other options. If you want a coin that resembles the outline of a specific ship from the Royal Australian Navy fleet, that’s a simple option to employ with our unique customization options. 

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Royal Australian Air Force squadron challenge coins

Royal Australian Air Force Challenge Coins

The youngest branch of the Australian Defense Force, the Royal Australian Air Force got its start in 1921. Initially, the Australian Flying Corps were established as a section of the Australian Army in 1912. Eventually the AFC separated from the Army and became the RAAF. 

Today, the Royal Australian Air Force is organized around the following four pillars and service:

  • Swift — The Royal Australian Air Force provides immediate and responsive military options.
  • Decisive — The Royal Australian Air Force takes decisive action in dealing with Australia’s enemies.
  • Resilient — The RAAF are leaders in control of air and space operations.
  • Respected — Through strategic management of Australia's military aviation capability, the RAAF will forever be respected. 

Each member for the RAAF embodies those ideals in their own unique way. Royal Australian Air Force challenge coins give them a way to remember those pillars of service and carry that reminder with them everywhere they go. 

Of all of the traditions surrounding military challenge coins, the act of the challenge is the most classic. When a member of a military unit presents a challenge coin to other soldiers, these soldiers must produce their own challenge coin. If these challenged members do not produce their challenge coin immediately, they are required to purchase a round of drinks for the other unit members. If they all produce their challenge coins, the challenger must purchase the round of drinks for everyone present. 

Brisbane Australian Custom Challenge Coin

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Challenge coins are usually commissioned by superior officers and used to reward incredible bravery in the line of duty, to build team unity and spirit, and to show gratitude for service. Showing gratitude is important because it reminds your troops of their worth and it shows them that their actions are being noticed. Australian Defense Force challenge coins inspire soldiers to work harder and represent their values of integrity and honor.

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