Custom Australian Coins

Custom Australian Coins

Head Down Under and Celebrate the People of Australia

Initially founded as a British penal colony in the wake of the loss of the American colonies, Australia has grown into one of the most prominent countries in the world. Upon federation of the colonies in 1901, Australia took its destiny into its own hands and never looked back. The industrious and creative spirit that marked the country during its early years signifies the same qualities of the Australian people today. Along with those traits, Australians also have a strong streak of pride in their unique country.

There are few places that embody Australian uniqueness quite as well as the long line of animals native to the country and nowhere else in the world. Likewise, you won’t find people quite like Aussies anywhere else in the world. With a strong work ethic, unwavering loyalty and playful sense of humor, the Australian people are unique and wonderfully interesting. Their hard work, dedication and streak of civic pride can be captured with the presentation of custom world challenge coins


When creating custom Australian coins, customers often pull from the places and landmarks that best exemplify the country. Signature Coins proudly creates custom challenge coins for places such as:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Hobart
  • Gold Coast
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Uluru 

For over 15 years, Signature Coins has provided world challenge coins to people from multiple different countries. Our experiences have left us uniquely positioned to cater to the particular needs of many different customers. Whether you’re looking to build unity amongst your team, boost the morale of your employees or just showcase your own sense of civic pride, we’re always ready to create the perfect custom Australian coins to accomplish your goals.

Australia Challenge Coin Gallery

australian defense force challenge coins

Challenge Coins for the Australian Defense Force

In WWI, a rich lieutenant minted a collection of coins featuring the unique insignia of his unit. He distributed these to the men serving with him not knowing that the coins would eventually save a soldier’s life. He also couldn’t predict that he would spark a military tradition that would spread around the world and continue through the centuries long after he was gone. 

Today, military challenge coins are commissioned by commanding officers and presented to soldiers upon reaching certain career milestones and in response to exceptional service. A soldier will earn multiple challenge coins over the course of his or her career, and each one will signify something different and hold a special meaning. 

At Signature Coins, we pride ourselves on the fact that our custom challenge coins are being carried by men and women in branches of the armed forces stationed all over the world. The respect we have for the men and women working endlessly to serve their country knows no bounds. We work to pour that respect into the creation of a top tier product everytime a customer reaches out to us with an order. 

We’re proud to create custom Australian challenge coins for the men and women in:

Enhance the cohesion of your unit by issuing the men and women serving with you Australian Defense Force challenge coins today!

We make creating custom challenge coins easy!

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Australian Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Australia might have been founded as a penal colony, but their shift to law and order surprises no one. Working to keep the peace is a group of passionate and dedicated men and women with a strong love of their country. Like military challenge coins, law enforcement challenge coins are created by a commanding officer or supervisor and presented to officers who have distinguished themselves in duty. The job of keeping a community safe and orderly is no easy feat. The brave men and women serving their communities in law enforcement often have a thankless job. Why not say thank you with the presentation of custom Australia coins?

Custom Coins Australian Warrant Officers Challenge Coin

Australian law enforcement agencies being served by Signature Coins include:

  • Australian Federal Police
  • Specialist Response Group
  • The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
  • Australian Capital Territory Police
  • New South Wales Police Force
  • Victoria Police
  • The Queensland Police Service
  • Australian Border Force
  • Tasmania Police

Show your officers how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication by presenting them with custom Australian police challenge coins. These coins are often presented in recognition of promotion through the ranks, retirement from the force, to welcome a new transfer into the unit, or as recognition for exceptional service. 

Australian Firefighter Challenge Coins

For most places, a raging brush fire is the thing of nightmares. Living in hot, arid conditions means wildfires can spark without warning and run rampant for long periods of time. This issue is complicated, however, when you live in a place where the local plant life actually requires regular fires to survive. Eucalyptus trees are indigenous to Australia and provide the majority of the diet for a lot of Australian wildlife. These trees have a unique fire-activated seed system which requires the tree to burn a bit in order to propagate. The eucalyptus has evolved to make use of the conditions in Australia that lead to regular, random brush fires, but the needs of the eucalyptus tree and the needs of Australian citizens aren’t the same in this regard. 

While some of the wildlife in Australia might require a little fire from time to time, the job of keeping those fires controlled and protecting the life and property of the people falls to brave Australian firefighters. 

Firefighter challenge coins have become a popular keepsake amongst the brave men and women working to keep their communities safe from natural and man-made disasters. In Australia, the companies and departments benefiting from challenge coins include:

  • Fire & Rescue NSW
  • Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • New South Wales Rural Fire Service
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
  • South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
  • Tasmania Fire Service
  • New South Wales Urban Search and Rescue Task Force

Signature Coins has been making custom challenge coins for over 15 years. We strive to be the best in quality and customer satisfaction in the entire challenge coins industry. We do this by offering competitive pricing, using the best available material, and training a friendly staff that can help you through the whole process. You can also expect to receive:

  • Free artwork on every order
  • Free quotes on every order
  • Free unlimited revisions on design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you! Thank you for choosing signature coins and we look forward to working with you!

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