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Rewarding Superior Service


The Australian Army’s strength comes from commitment to values, training, a flexible organization, and advanced equipment. They cannot rely on sheer numbers alone because Australia's population cannot support massive quantities of soldiers. By sticking to a stringent code of ethics and giving their troops the best possible training and equipment available, the Australian Army has established itself as an incredible military force on the world stage.

Australian Defense Force challenge coins are minted with custom designs that incorporate team emblems, missions, and memorable achievements. They are commissioned by commanding officers and handed out among the ranks as tokens of gratitude for superior service and as reminders of the importance of each soldier’s efforts in defending the nation. 

Australian Army challenge coins instill a sense of team pride and personify the character of the individuals that make up a team. The coins symbolize the Army’s central mission of preparing land forces for war, the defense of national interests, and aid of allied forces around the globe. Soldiers are awarded custom Australian Army challenge coins after successful missions, when they have displayed courage and grit in the face of adversity, and when they perform above and beyond the call of duty. Each custom coins is carried at all times as a mark of personal merit and as a source of inspiration.

Signature Coins has all of the experience and tools necessary for constructing original and compelling designs for any size team within the Army. Our team of artists can recreate team emblems and include any important dates, designations, or notable texts that will add consequence to the coins. Take a look at some of the coins we have made in the past in our coins gallery to get inspiration for your own challenge coin design!


Australian Army Emblems
Symbols Of Excellence

The Australian Army holds their emblems in high esteem. The reverence for these symbols come from each emblem’s historical value. They represent the heritage, tradition, and people of the past and future that make the Australian Army exceptional. 

The Army’s Rising Sun Badge, as well as the corps and unit emblems throughout the organization, holds a storied history. Each symbol represents the sacrifices, successes, and dedications of the brave service men and women that have earned the right to wear one. 

The right to display the colors of the Australian Army is earned through intensive physical and mental training and the ultimate commitment in service to the nation. Soldiers earn their place within the ranks of the Australian Army through a dedication to the values of courage, initiative, respect, and teamwork.

Courage to maintain an unbreakable spirit, to never accept defeat, and to commit to moral strength and professionalism. 

Initiative in the pursuit of excellence through innovation and opportunity.

Respect in history, people, teammates, and self as a reflection of the service and image of the Nation.

Teamwork to achieve the strongest potential in military precision.    

Australian Army challenge coins, like the Army’s emblems, represent these core values and remind soldiers of their importance. Custom designs that incorporate team specific imagery like emblems and mission statements make Australian Army challenge coins a piece of Army history pressed into metal. Soldiers carry them as a source of inspiration and as a representation of the goals they work to achieve and the greatness they will reach through dedicated service.



Challenge Coin Examples


Australian Army Structure 


Australian Army challenge coins can be implemented within any team of any size. However, the aspects that make Australian Army challenge coins so meaningful are the team specific images and design cues that touch home on a personal level. For individual teams, custom challenge coins act as marks of distinguishment among the massive military organization and mark a soldier's inclusion within a set group of warriors.  

The structure of the Australian Army is broken into three main commands:

  • Forces Command
  • 1st Division Command
  • Special Operations Command

Within each of these branches are battalions, brigades, and regiments that break down into smaller units and teams. Each team has its own unique culture and history. Custom Australian Army challenge coins can be team focused, referencing unit specific training and specialties. Or they can go up the chain and be used for the entirety of Forces Command, the 1st Division, or Special Operations.

Forces Command has the central mission of generating the foundations of the nation’s Army in warfighting capability. They work hard to ensure that every force is capable and successful in adaptive campaigning.

The 1st Division is an Army Functional Command with four direct command units. They provide development of the Australian Defence Force’s amphibious capabilities among other operations.

Special Operations Command is responsible for providing prepared and relevant forces for special operations all across the world in combined or interagency environments.  

Australian Army challenge coins function to the same capacity within each of these command components by aligning the goals of every soldier among the ranks and building team unity and spirit through historical and meaningful design.

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The Future of the Australian Army
A Bright Horizon Towards Innovation And Excellence 


The Australian Army looks to improve on its already stellar track record by committing to their core values and preparing wartime, disaster relief, or humanitarian assistance. The Army is a technologically advanced force, dedicated to innovation, that is ready to defend the Australian Government and the Australian people.

The 1st Recruit Training Battalion takes all new recruits and molds them into the proficient warriors in the Australian Army. By sticking to the established traditions, comprehensive training regiment, and by instilling the core values of courage, initiative, respect, and teamwork into each soldier, the Australian Army has prepared itself for any circumstances the future may hold.

Australian Army challenge coins represent the future goals of the organization. They honor the long heritage of success and point towards the bright horizon of excellence waiting for each soldier. Commissioning a set of custom challenge coins is a means of instilling pride in country and in service among the ranks. Australian Army challenge coins inspire soldiers to redouble their efforts in upholding the standards of service to the nation and remind soldiers of their value, influence, and accomplishment.


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Signature Coins takes particular care in crafting each custom challenge coin to ensure that design and quality do justice in representing the courage, unyielding spirit, and dedication of each soldier within the Australian Army. Our team of designers has all of the tools you need to breathe life into your vision for custom challenge coins design. Just follow these 3 easy steps to get started!


Give us some information about what you are looking for in custom design and our artists will get a free proof ready for you within 24 to 48 hours. Once you receive your first iteration of design, with a free quote on the entire order, take a moment to let us know what you think!

We are happy to make any adjustments or additions that you may need. Ensuring that we have every opportunity to make the perfect design is our priority so we offer free unlimited revisions. 

We can finalize your order once you approve both our supplied quote and artwork.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. One of our friendly specialists would be happy to help you! Thank you for choosing Signature Coins to create your custom Australian Army challenge coins! We are excited to get started on your order!