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The United States Army War College was created in response to the failings in military strategy, understanding, and execution during the Spanish-American War. In 1901, Secretary of War Elihu Root established the Army War College and the Army General Staff with a specific mission: “Not to promote war but to preserve peace by intelligent and adequate preparation to repel aggression.” 

Today, the Army War College is dedicated to preparing military officers in strategy and landpower in the ever-changing environments of war. The world is relentless in progressive change and the theater of war is in constant flux. The Army War College strives to be adaptable and innovative in its educational programs so as to develop the most capable high-level military leaders in the United States Army and around the globe.

Those few men and women who train, study, and educate at the Army War College are the pinnacle of leadership potential and the ultimate example of excellence in service to our Nation. Each person deserves honor and respect, not just for their commitment to protecting our Nation through the armed service, but for being the most elite officers in the world and for pursuing a military education to improve their understanding of both war and peace. After graduation, these precious few alumni are among the best military minds of today and in the ranks of the most capable military leaders in history. 

Military challenge coins are a personal and meaningful avenue for showing respect and pride to the member of the United States War College. They have been a tradition within all branches of the United States Military since as early as World War I. Army War College challenge coins are marks of accomplishment that are carried at all times. They are badges of acceptance among the strongest military minds in the world and display gratitude for their perseverance and incredible dedication to setting the example of superior service to our Country. 

The College
A History Of Molding Our Nation’s Leaders

Established in 1901, the inaugural class of officer arrived in November of 1904. The student body consisted of only six captains and three majors of the Army and Marine Corps. Those nine people were the core of the first professional military educational facility beyond West Point Academy. The Army War College is the first of its kind, offering graduate-level education to Army officers and preparing them to take the highest roles in leadership upon graduation. The school was forced to close during both World War I and World War II, however, both conflicts substantiated the unequivocal need for the Army War College. Military leaders needed to understand, study, and learn strategy and the history behind war.

Notable members of the Army War College include famous leaders such as:

  • John J. Pershing
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Omar N. Bradley
  • George Patton
  • Admiral William Halsey
  • Mark W. Clark
  • Anthony McAuliffe

In 1951, Carlisle Barracks became the home for the United States Army War College and that campus in Pennsylvania is still where the future leaders of our Army go to train and to learn. The campus resides in an area of over 450 acres in total and holds about 300 government-owned buildings. According to the Army War College website, the college is the only senior leader facility that fosters the understanding, development, and employment of landpower.

Landpower is the ability—by threat, force, or occupation—to gain, sustain, and exploit control over land, resources, and people. Officers are molded into the most capable leaders in the world through the detailed curriculum and focus on study and contribution to the comprehension of military strategy.

The amount of perseverance required to even qualify to enter the Army War College is commendable and the actual enrolment within the college deserve recognition. Army War College challenge coins represent that accomplishment. They are physical emblems of the success, sacrifice, and commitment that officers have put into advancing up the chain of command. 

Army War College challenge coins are used to motivate officers to keep fighting their way to the top. The road leading to the Army War College is rife with adversity and once an officer has successfully enrolled in the college they are taking on new levels of stress that were before unknown. Accepting a position within the ranks of the Army War College is accepting the highest levels of responsibility and accountability that an Army official can be given. 

The stress can be immense but that is what makes members of the student body so special. Army War College challenge coins honor the courage and commitment of those few men and women who are able to overcome every hurdle and graciously accept the responsibility of leadership. They are taking on not just the safety of our Nation, but the safety of every service member in their command. Their decisions may involve the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people but they are prepared, confident, and ready.

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How To Use Army War College Challenge Coins 

Army War College challenge coins are personal and meaningful. They are custom designed to reflect the qualities and heritage of the students and the historic grounds of Carlisle Barracks. There is a wide range of avenues to explore to ensure that custom artwork reflects the campus, the Army, and the culture of the organization.

Custom Army War College challenge coins can incorporate design cues from the separate branches of the school like:

  • The Center for Strategic Leadership - the Collins Center
  • The Strategic Studies Institute
  • The Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
  • The Army Heritage and Education Center

Faculty in these divisions can create custom designs that reflect the individual values of these centers, as well as personal mottos, titles, or any other kind of information. All of the artwork we make at Signature Coins is completely original so you can be sure that your Army War College challenge coins will be completely tailored to your needs and unlike anything else on the market.

Student officers can include custom artwork that incorporates imagery of the Carlisle Barracks campus or illusions to the motto of the school: Prudens futuri, which translates to Provident for the Future. In keeping with the same Latin motto, the school’s English translation of the phrase is Strength and Wisdom for the Future. Army War College challenge coins embody the spirit of these values and honor the individuals who have earned them

Just as entry into the school is a recognition of merit and achievement, Army War College challenge coins are earned, never given away. Use these custom coins for:

  • Graduation
    • Graduating from the college, officers are awarded a Masters of Strategic Studies (MMS) degree from one of the most competitive and exclusive institutions in the world. Commemorating the occasion with a set of custom challenge coins can add to the ceremony and emotional weight of the proceedings. Designs can incorporate important dates, school mottos, emblems, or designations of any kind as well as completely original artwork. 
  • Personal Merit
    • Custom challenge coins are designed on an individual basis and used to reward exceptional accomplishment. Custom Army War College challenge coins can be handed out at the beginning of an officer's academic career at the institution. They act as motivators and symbolize the values of the school.
  • Recognizing Leadership
    • The Army War College is designed around a curriculum of history, strategy, and study. The goal is to produce the most capable military leaders in the world. Custom challenge coins can be used to reward those individuals who perform the best and show the greatest signs of natural leadership. Those individuals set the example for others to follow and deserve recognition for their commitment to excellence and their dedication to the school.
  • Appreciation
    • Since there earliest inception, one of the main purposes challenge coins is to show gratitude for the valor of those few men and women dedicating their lives to the protection of our Nation. For members of the Army War College, showing appreciation is imperative. Officers attending the school are among the elite in all of the armed forces and their job requires sacrifice and dedication.

There is no real limit to the use of custom challenge coins as a means of motivation, recognition, appreciation, and team building. Signature Coins has all of the tools necessary to make your vision for design come to life. Get started with you Army War College challenge coins today!

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While the Army War College is predominately full of Army Officers and personnel, there is representation from all branches of the United States Armed Forces and other government agencies. Each military member enrolled in the school has already earned the title of colonel, lieutenant colonel, or Navy captain or commander. Honoring these men and women for their past success and future achievement is easy with a set of custom Army War College challenge coins!
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