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Airport Police Challenge Coins

Do your airport police officers have challenge coins?


Processing the travels of millions each day, U.S. airports are some of the most tightly secured locations in the country. These locations are major targets for criminal elements trying to enter and leave the country. Additionally, with over a million people traveling on airplanes each day, airports are threatened by both criminals and terrorists seeking to do harm. Protecting the millions of travelers that inundate airports each day are disciplined airport police units stationed at nearly every major airport in the U.S. These officers maintain order at airports to ensure safe, convenient, and efficient operations. They are the first line of defense against crime and terror and airport officers often maintain custom police challenge coins bearing the symbols of their local force as a reminder of their vigilance and duties.

At Signature Coins, we respect the service and attention of these officers who work tirelessly each day to ensure the millions of people traveling throughout the country and safe. We are an industry provider of unique and fully-customized challenge coins to clients in both law enforcement and the military. Our brand has been trusted for over 15 years for providing quality products to clients located all over the world. Whether your design is drawn up by a professional artist, doodled on a napkin, or described in a notebook, our team of experts can help you bring it to life.

The Challenges of the Airport Police

Despite the name, keeping their challenge coin on hand is the least challenging aspect of their profession. Policing a bustling airport presents unique challenges that come with managing a bustling travel center where millions of people will come and go each day. At the end of the day, airports are still private businesses who make profits from their ability to efficiently process travelers and keep them moving smoothly through their travels. Officers assigned to the nation’s airports are under pressure to scan travelers and patrol areas moving as quickly and efficiently as they can. 

Within hours of a crime taking place at an airport, a perpetrator can be hundreds of miles away requiring airport officers to act rapidly and preemptively to any signs of potential danger. With a transient population of billions at any time, airports are prime targets for terrorists and bombers looking to cause maximum damage to human life and officers must maintain constant vigilance over any potential threats. Complicating matters further is the business of simply running an airport in the first place where profits are based on how quickly travelers are processed and both airport staff and customers alike are pressured to move quickly. 

Airport police officers are under heightened to pressure to perform constantly, but like soldiers in the armed forces, officers earn their challenge coins by performing their duties with distinction. Whether this means actively patrolling the halls of an airport or searching suspicious vehicles for weapons or contraband. 


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Custom Police Challenge Coin Examples


Transportation Security Administration



The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the most well-known and largest agency tasked with aviation security. Created in the aftermath of September 11th, the agency is tasked with protecting the country’s transportation systems with a primary focus on aviation security for airports. According to their website, TSA Officers are posted at 440 airports around the country, screen more than 2 million travelers daily, and detect about 10 firearms at security checkpoints each day. Constituting the full security force of the TSA are several different types of security officials tasked with airport security at different junctures of travel from onboard air marshals to bag checkers.

Each TSA security official may gift unique department-based challenge coins to their officers as a means of maintaining esprit de corps among their members. 

Commonly challenge coins are made for:


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Types of Airport Police Challenge Coins

Law enforcement organizations and agencies across the country trust Signature Coins for quality products and quick turnarounds on challenge coins that represent their organization in amazing detail. Around the country alone there are thousands of public airports which play host to a transient population of millions of travelers each day. The TSA is personally responsible for the direct security of hundreds of these organizations. However, some airports are also secured by State or local organizations that follow the strict security regulations of the TSA. These organizations commission their own unique challenge coins, which can be found in the pockets of nearly every airport police department protecting our airports every day. 

Airport police force known to keep their own challenge coin traditions include:

  • Los Angeles Airport Police
  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Airport Command
  • Melbourne Airport Police Department
  • Columbus Regional Airport Authority
  • Minneapolis Airport Police
  • Nashville International Airport's Department of Public Safety
  • City of Chicago Department of Aviation Police
  • Wayne County Airport Authority Police
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Create Your Challenge Coin With Signature Coins


Partnering with Signature Coins to create your custom challenge coin brings you a service with over 15 years of experience working for clients in law enforcement and the military. Our specialized design process allows customers to customize nearly every part of their unique challenge coin including the shape, size, color, metal, and edge of their design. Additionally, our team of experts can craft unique designs based off of anything from existing professional artwork, written descriptions, or even napkin doodles. We understand how important challenge coins are to the organizations that commission them and the individuals who receive them and work one on one with each client to ensure that every aspect of the coin is exactly as they want it.

Our full services include:

  • Free color artwork of a challenge coin design with every quote.
  • Free unlimited redesigns of any challenge coin design until a client is completely satisfied.
  • Free mold and setup for orders over 300.
  • Free shipping within the U.S. via UPS Priority Air Shipping. 
  • Guaranteed delivery within 14 days or less after final approval of a design.
  • 100% quality guarantee on all of our products.

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