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Educating airmen in the U.S. Air Force on the full capabilities of air and space power since 1946, Air University, located at Maxwell Air Force Base, is considered “the Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force” and provides specialized military education to both enlisted men and officers. Airmen earn several items during their time at Air University, they receive a specialized education preparing them for professional development in the service of the Air Force, an official diploma certifying their knowledge and expertise gained, and a custom-designed challenge coin reminding them of their experiences and recognizing their membership at the university. These unique challenge coins may not be the first in a servicemember’s collection, but they represent a rewarding time in their lives where they were instilled with the discipline, training, and skills necessary to serve in the U.S. Air Force.

US Airforce Auxiliary Challenge Coin

Signature Coins has been a leading designer and producer of custom military challenge coins for over 15 years. Our team of experts is proud to serve clients in every branch of the military, including active and veteran members of the U.S. Air Force. With every order, we prioritize quality and detail because with a staff including military veterans, we understand how important a custom challenge coin is as a servicemember’s memento of their time and service.

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4th Fighter Wing Adanced Programs Challenge Coin

Custom Challenge Coins for Air University Personnel and Students

Challenge coins are one of the oldest U.S. military traditions with roots in the original World War I air squadrons. Uniquely designed to represent their organization, unit, or base, challenge coins are most often given to Airmen as a sign of personal regard from a commander to an individual or as a unique unit token representing the camaraderie of a military group. At military academies and schools like Air University, students often receive a school’s custom challenge coin at graduation ceremonies as their instructors salute them and deliver their official diplomas, some instructors will gift a challenge coin to each student in a graduating class in recognition of their academic achievement and success.

Over the course of an Airman’s career, they may earn many challenge coins in recognition of their service from deploying on missions, meeting commanders, or serving with different units. However, the Air University challenge coin retains a special spot in the hearts of many due to its status as a symbol of academic scholarship and success. The university prides itself on providing a full suite of educational programs from enlisted airmen and civilian flight programs to leadership training and tactical knowledge for commanders. Within the academic programs of Air University, different colleges within the school itself may host its own unique challenge coin to represent the students and faculty of that particular field. Additionally, some instructors may commission their own unique “commander coins” to represent their personal regard and brand. 

Programs at Air University that may host its own unique challenge coins include:

  • Airman Leadership School (ALS) - The first level of the Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME.)
  • Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) - Second level of PME focusing on leadership development of technical sergeants in the U.S. Air Force.
  • Officer Training School (OTS) - Tasked with training and educating officer cadets into becoming professional leaders.
  • Squadron Officer School (SOS) - A 6.5-week program developing students into leaders and commanders in a joint warfare environment.
  • Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) - A 10-month course curriculum focusing on continuing the education and training of mid-career Air Force officers in developing higher-level command abilities.
  • Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) - The U.S. Air Force’s graduate school of engineering and management.
  • Air Force Chaplain Corps College - Provides instruction to the Air Force Chaplain Corps in trauma pastoral care and global ministry efforts
  • International Officer School (IOS) - Preparing and providing international military students and families for education at Air University in partnership with international leaders.
  • Air Force Cyber College - A college focused on the development and education of cyber warfare specialists capable of defending against virtual attacks and espionage.

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Designing Challenge Coins With Signature Coins

Since beginning operations in 2000, we’ve developed thousands of different designs and revisions for custom challenge coins now found in the back pockets of airmen all over the world. Our ordering process is simple and painless from start to finish and our artists can create completely unique challenge coins for our clients based off any information they send us including fully-rendered art sketches, napkin drawings, hand-written notes, and even written descriptions. Our team of experts is experienced with incorporating the unique symbols, emblems, and insignias of an organization into a challenge coin design.

Whether you have finished artwork you’d like us to use or you have no idea where to start, our team of professional artists stands ready to design a completely unique coin based on your requirements.

Fill out our quote form with the basic details of your order’s needs, and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with a free art proof and a preliminary quote for the whole order. At that point, we don’t move forward until you give us final approval on a design. If you’re displeased with any part of the initial art proof, we’ll revise it based on your feedback free of charge as many times as needed to make it right. Once you’re happy with a final design, finish your order by completing our online order form, and then expect to receive your order in 14 days or less via free UPS Priority Air Shipping.

Air Force LCMC Challenge Coin

Clients can immediately take advantage of Signature Coin’s expertise in creating and design their own custom challenge coin for Air University or any other U.S. Air Force-affiliated organization by filling our quote form. Starting takes only moments and begins gets you towards creating a unique item that truly represents your class or college. With fast service, fine detail, and consistent quality, you can rely on us to cover your needs.

A summary of our quality services include:

  • Free Artwork & Design within 24 to 48 hours
  • Free Unlimited Revisions on All Designs
  • Free Mold & Setup for Orders Over 300
  • Free Delivery in 14 days or Less Within the U.S
  • We Back the Quality of All Orders 100% guaranteed
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