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Air National Guard Challenge Coins

Honor the members of your Air National Guard unit with custom challenge coins


When a disaster, whether natural or man-made, hits and the U.S. has to respond quickly, the Air National Guard is mobilized to render aid. A unique branch of the military, the Air National Guard is made up of men and women with a particular passion for serving both their local community and the world as a whole. Even though they provide combat support, the Air National Guard is often known for their role in American humanitarian efforts. In the wake of hurricane Katrina, the ANG flew 73 percent of the airlift relief efforts. And their heroism isn’t limited to events within the U.S. When a massive tsunami struck the coastline of the Indian Ocean, it was the ANG that flew out with supplies and personnel to offer aid and services to the people affected. Serving in the Air National Guard is a unique honor and it requires a very special kind of person to do it. 

At Signature Coins, we understand uniqueness. For over 15 years, we’ve created custom challenge coins for the Air Force as well as the other branches of the military. Your special Air National Guard challenge coins will be created to your specifications using only the highest quality materials and standards in craftsmanship. Each person serving in the Air National Guard is unique and dynamic in their motivations and skills, and at Signature Coins, we believe that they deserve a custom challenge coin that’s every bit as meaningful as they are. 

What Are Custom Air National Guard Challenge Coins?

Members of the Air National Guard are charged with carrying out missions at both the federal and the state level. This provides a unique opportunity for them to serve both their local community and their country. Upon completion of such a mission, or in response to meeting certain career milestones, a superior officer can recognize the team’s achievements by presenting them with custom air national guard coins.

The challenge coins have their origins in World War I. As the story goes, a rich lieutenant had bronze coins created for the members of his squadron. One of the pilots was trapped behind enemy lines and lost all of his personal effects and identification; all he had left was his challenge coin. He navigated through enemy territory and was spotted by allied citizens, but the citizens took him for an enemy soldier until he produced the coin and showed them he was a member of the friendly squadron. 

Ever since, Air Force challenge coins have served as a way to show a member’s inclusion on a team and to boost a sense of unity and morale amongst holders. 

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When you start the process of getting your free artwork and quote from Signature Coins, you set off on a path of unparalleled customer service. Our highly trained and dedicated staff is here to help you with every step from conceptualization to the delivery of your custom coin. Not only is your input guiding the way in the design and production of your coin, but our staff will be sure to touch base with you and keep you up-to-date on every part of the process. You’ll never be left to wonder about the state of your order with Signature Coins as you get personal updates when your coin artwork is completed when your coins go into production when your order ships and each stop along the way.

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Air Force Challenge Coin Examples


Custom Air National Guard Coins Stand Out

Your Air Force challenge coins will stand out from the crowd thanks to a number of different customizable options. In addition to the standard choices of shape, size, color, edge, and plating, Signature Coins offers the following unique customizations:

  • Cutouts-- What better way to signify the wind beneath an Air National Guard member’s wings than with coin cutouts? 
  • 3D Coins-- Make your unique insignia stand out even more by having it pop right off of the surface of the coin.
  • Sequential Numbering-- Add a unique touch to each individual coin by giving them a personal sequential number. The numbering option makes each coin in your order that much more special as no two numbers are ever repeated. 
  • Edge Numbering-- If the design of your coin doesn’t allow for a natural space for the sequential numbers, consider having this feature added to the edge of the coins. 
  • Glow in the Dark-- Make sure your coins stand out in the light of day as well as in the dead of night with our special glow in the dark enamel. 

Whatever choices you make, the members of your Air National Guard unit will be honored to receive a challenge coin that’s as unique as they are. 

Receiving Your Custom Air National Guard Challenge Coins

Because members of the Air National Guard serve both state and federal governments, they usually take up service at locations close to their homes. This means that members of this branch of the military are stationed in each of the 50 states, and can also be stationed in U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands each have units stationed within them). Luckily, Signature Coins is dedicated to delivering your order of coins without hassle. 

All order shipments are placed with UPS International Red Label at no additional charge. This means we can ensure the fastest possible shipment of your completed order to wherever your troops are stationed for FREE!

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Signature Coins has worked with every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces for over 15 years. We understand the importance of the work being done and honor the service and sacrifice of our troops. We believe that each man and woman serving our country deserves the highest quality challenge coins delivered in the most straightforward manner possible. Let us help you give the Air National Guard members of your team something they’ll be able to hold and appreciate forever. Give us a call or fill out the order form below and our artists will get back to you within 24 hours with your free artwork and quote. 




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