Air Force Academy Challenge Coins

Reward Your Air Force Academy Cadets with Challenge Coins


Given to students when they graduate, Air Force Academy challenge coins are a lifelong reminder of the lessons and honor instilled into the students of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA.) At USAFA, Air Force Academy students are part of a very select group of individuals specifically nominated by either the government or their superior officers in the Air Force to become officer cadets. Officer cadets live rewarding military lives during their time at the academy, with a lifestyle instilling dedication, sacrifice, self-discipline, and time-management skills.

Sitting in the back pockets or desks of many officers in the Air Force, Air Force Academy challenge coins are a symbol of the Air Force’s core values of "Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do." With only about a 1000 graduates from the academy every year, only qualified and skilled individuals move on from the academy and earn their challenge coins at graduation. The coins are also a constant reminder of the lifelong friendships, bonds, and pride they have earned throughout their time at the academy.

Signature Coins is a proud provider of Air Force challenge coins to units and organizations in every branch of the U.S. military, including the U.S. Air Force. We are honored and proud to have our high-quality challenge coins so many soldiers stationed both abroad and within our nation’s borders. Our priority with each and every order is to provide excellent service with consistent high-quality.

Honoring USAFA Officer Cadets With Challenge Coins 

Receiving a challenge coin is a time-honored military tradition with commanding officers awarding unique coins to exceptional soldiers or recruits who have earned their respect. By the time a future officer cadet is nominated to the Air Force Academy, they’ll have earned more than their share of challenge coins working with flight squadrons and organizations within the Air Force or taking part in important military operations throughout the world.

While receiving a challenge coin is an honored military tradition, giving or receiving a challenge is not a tradition solely reserved for members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Government officials for example often have coins created to give out as mementos and commemorative items, and private companies or organizations often have these. 

Each and every coin tells its own story of a cadet’s history and accomplishments, and there are many reasons why a cadet may be awarded a coin. 

  • Cadets may receive specialized “unit coins,” shared with every member of a unit within the Air Force the cadet served with. These types of challenge coins serve as symbols of group cohesion and teamwork.
  • Cadets may have received special “commander coins,” awarded or freely given to them by high-ranking officers in recognition of their personal service.
  • Government officials and department heads may also choose to have their own challenge coins minted bearing the likeness and symbols of their department and award them to cadets upon meeting them. Both the president and the vice-president of the United States are known to have coins made and given to honor servicemembers or cadets they meet.
  • Challenge coins may be specially made to be given to servicemembers who take part in an important military operation. Cadets with a large collection of these operational challenge coins have been directly involved in important missions on behalf of the U.S. Air Force.
  • Cadets will also often receive commemorative challenge coins, given to them upon reaching a major milestone in their military career such as passing basic training or graduating from USAFA.

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Designing Challenge Coins With Signature Coins

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed an ordering process that is simple and painless from start to finish. Our artists can create completely unique challenge coins for our clients based off any information they send us including fully-rendered art sketches, napkin drawings, hand-written notes, and even written descriptions. Whether you have finished artwork you’d like us to use or you have no idea where to start, our team of professional artists stands ready to design a completely unique coin based on your requirements.

Fill out our quote form with the basic details of your order’s needs, and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with a free art proof and a preliminary quote for the whole order. At that point, we don’t move forward until you give us final approval on a design. If you’re displeased with any part of the initial art proof, we’ll revise it based on your feedback free of charge as many times as needed to make it right. Once you’re happy with a final design, finish your order by completing our online order form, and then expect to receive your order in 14 days or less via free UPS Priority Air Shipping.

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Customization Options for Air Force Academy Challenge Coins

Every order from us has literally hundreds of different unique custom combinations to make each one unique to the client. Anything from size, shape, plating, printing, and presentation can all be modified and changed according to the tastes and requirements of our clients. We’ve made coins as large as 9” and as small as a quarter. We’ve also made traditional circular coins along with challenge coins in every shape and size imaginable including ninja stars, badges, mascots, and more.

With a team including military veterans, we understand the importance of the unique emblems, symbols, and mottos of military organizations, and also offer unique printing options to incorporate and define these unique features.

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Get started today by filling our quote form and getting your free art proof. Beginning an order from us takes moments and gets you on the way towards building a completely unique item to share with all the members of a squadron or unit. At Signature Coins, we honor all of our military clients and do our utmost to carry on one of our nation’s oldest traditions. With fast service, fine detail, and consistent quality, you can rely on us to cover your needs.

A summary of our quality services include:

  • Free Artwork & Design within 24 to 48 hours
  • Free Unlimited Revisions on All Designs
  • Free Mold & Setup for Orders Over 300
  • Free Delivery in 14 days or Less Within the U.S
  • We Back the Quality of All Orders 100% guaranteed