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In front of the school complex, there is a commemorative statue of Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology. The story goes that Daedalus created wings to help he and his son escape from a labyrinth in which they were imprisoned. Once the pair of them took to the skies, Icarus soared high up and close to the sun. The wax holding his wings together melted and Icarus fell into the ocean while his father flew to freedom alone and distraught.

The memorial serves as a reminder of all the graduates of the Air Force Institute of Technology that have lost their lives in service within the Air Force and Army Air Corps. The story of Icarus captures the incredible wonder, excitement, and spirit of flight but also the inherent dangers associated with the profession. Air Force member all do their part in making the dream a flight a reality, however, each person must never forget these dangers. They must be prepared through training and dedicated service.    

The mission of the Air Force Institute of Technology is to provide defense based graduate level education and research for the sustainment of our Nation’s dominance in air, space, and cyber forces and technologies. With almost a hundred years of history, the Air Force Institute of Technology has awarded over 18,000 graduate degrees and almost 800 doctorate degrees to members of the United States Air Force who have been pursuing a further education. 

The rich heritage of the institute fosters a culture of superior service and has always had an innovative approach to education and technology. Students who attend the school deserve recognition for their acceptance and accomplishments. 

Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins are custom designed to incorporate unique artwork of the facilities, divisions, and people that make up the university. They are used for motivation, team building, and for recognizing excellence in service and commitment to protecting our Nation.

Get started with your set today and honor cadets’ perseverance and dedication to further education with a set of custom Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins! 

History of the Air Force Institute of Technology

Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins are small pieces of the university’s history and culture stamped into metal. They represent the core values of the Air Force and inspire both faculty and staff. Custom design gives you the ability to make them unique and meaningful on an individual basis. They are meant to capture the spirit of flight, freedom, and wonder. They are the physical embodiment of the spirit of the institute and the Air Force!  

Since its formation in 1919, the school has gone by a number of different names. This gives evidence to the school’s ability to adapt and innovate over the years as they rebranded their curriculum and added to their scope of influence. The Air Force Institute of technology has grown from the small government institute with an inaugural class of nine students, to the diversified and technologically advanced facility that it is today. At first, admittance to the school was reserved for a select grouping of military officers. Today, enrolment is opened to any qualified officer or enlisted student as well as international students, civilian members of the Department of Defense, and members of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

The Air Force Institute of Technology is broken into four schools:

  • The Graduate School of Engineering and Management
  • The School of Systems and Logistics
  • The Civil Engineering School
  • The School of Strategic Force Studies 

Each of these schools has their own curriculum and specialized training that molds students into the most qualified military leaders in their field. Custom artwork can incorporate individual aspects of these schools into coin design. What makes a set of Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins special is the customization and unique details like school designations, mottos, team names, important dates, and mascots. Whatever you are looking for, our team of artists can create a completely original design that is sure to excite the individuals who receive them.


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How to Use Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have become a popular tradition throughout every branch of the United States Armed Forces as well as local law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders all over the country. In the Air Force, commanding officers hand them out to individual teams to welcome new recruits, to show appreciation for service, and to reward excellence in service above and beyond the call of duty. Challenge coins are meant to be carried at all times as a symbol of the leadership, bravery, and commitment of the holder. They are displayed with excitement and pride and are earned through personal merit. 

On top of this, Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins can be used for special occasions like:

  • The Centennial Celebration:
    • In 2019, the Air Force Institute of Technology will be celebrating 100 years of service. The school has produced a long line of capable and innovative officers and leaders within the Air Force in that time. There will be a number of commemorative ceremonies across the campus during 2019. Crafting unique Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins will ensure that attendees will always have a physical reminder of the heritage and culture of the school. The coins will mark the important occasion and be displayed for years to come. 
  • Graduations:
    • Gaining admittance into the school is a feat in itself. Graduating is the beginning of a new adventure within the Air Force as an influential and capable leader with responsibilities far above what students have ever experienced before. Custom challenge coins can incorporate class designations, important dates, and artwork that honors the historic grounds of the school. Handing out a custom set of Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins at graduation is sure to add to the emotional weight of the celebration. 
  • Promotions and Retirement:
    • Challenge coins work in both instances. They are perfect for displaying individual goals and accomplishments. A custom set of coins are sure to set the tone for your new position or ensure that your efforts are never forgotten once you leave your post in retirement. 

There are a limitless number of uses for custom challenge coins. It comes down to what you are looking for in design. Check out our coin gallery to see what we can do for you, or get started now with your set of challenge coins!

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Just like the symbolism of the Icarus memorial at the front of the school, our Air Force Institute of Technology challenge coins embody a spirit of wonder and the freedom of flight. They also serve as a reminder of the dangers inherent in flight by honoring the fallen service members in the Air Force. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us! We would be happy to hear from you! Thank you for choosing Signature Coins! We are excited to get started on your order!