Creative Ways to Use Custom Holiday Challenge Coins to Add Fun and Games to Your Next Seasonal Event

Posted by Signature Coins | April 27, 2011 at 8:00am | Topic: Challenge Coins

Using custom challenge coins for special events and celebrations has become a common practice among many. Some of the reasons for their increased demand are flexibility of design, small size and affordability. With the past weekend marking yet another Easter holiday, we had the chance to see and learn about some of the many different ways in which individuals and organizations use their customized coins to add creativity, fun and excitement to their annual holiday activities.

Making Coins a Part of Your Egg-stravaganza

Easter is one of the most popular, vibrant and fun filled holidays of the year. A traditional activity is the Easter egg hunt. Children, and many adults, look forward seeking out the collecting colorfully and brightly decorated eggs concealed about the event area. More and more often, rather than using real hard boiled eggs, hinged plastic eggs are being used. These eggs are usually shaped and sized the same as real eggs and open to fit candy or other offerings. Challenge coins work great inside the toy eggs as well. A 1.5 inch custom event coin will easily fit inside of the egg adding an element of surprise and anticipation. The sound of the mysterious object combined with the weight of the coin is sure to get Easter egg hunters even more excited about their findings.

How Many Christmas Coins Can You Find?

Organizers and Emcees of formal Christmas parties and galas can hide their yuletide challenge coins in random or unexpected places throughout the event area and challenge guests to find as many as they can. The winner receives a cash prize equivalent to the number of Christmas coins collected. Their search can span over the duration of the event, giving attendees time to mingle, dine, dance and not take away from the gala’s festivities. Additionally, each player can be permitted to keep one coin as souvenir from the event.

It’s a Toss Up For Collectible Coins

Annual events, like a New Year’s celebrations mark the beginning of a new phase of life for many individuals and groups. Creating a few collectible challenge coins, with a unique design that includes the New Year and a sequence number will be the all the craze at the party. However, this collectible coin should not simply be given away. Party guests that want this coin will have to work for it by engaging in a classic game of ring toss to win this collectible coin. All other guests and non-victorious players can be given a keepsake coin designed similar to the collectible just without a sequence number. Everyone will go home and start the New Year off happy.

There a many more ways, aside from the ones we listed here, in which challenge coins can be used at events and gatherings. All you need is to use your imagination and have the perfect challenge coin design. Visit our Create-a-Coin page to get started,

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