Zero Harm: Creating Safety Incentive Coins for Your Business

Posted by Patrick Moyer | Thursday February 13th, 2020 | Topic: Products

Safety Doesn’t Stop at Rules and Regulations

In today’s modern society, it’s easy to forget about safety in the workplace with all the regulations and requirements put in place to protect employees. However, accidents will always happen. That’s why we have special safety rules in the first place: to reduce the risk of life-threatening accidents. The reasons for implementing safety best practices, especially in industrial enterprises, go without saying (but we’ll list a few anyway). 

First, and most importantly, is that you will avoid deaths and injuries. Second is that you’ll lower financial losses due to worker’s compensation, property damage and numerous other reasons. Third is that you will create a reputable image in the public and private eye, attracting the best talent to join your team (everyone wants to work in a safe space, after all).

And yet, accidents will always happen. So the question today isn’t “How can I stop all accidents from happening?” The question is, “How can I get my employees to help create an even safer work environment than the one I have now?”

This is where safety award coins come into play. You need to build a culture that supports safety and recognizes your best employees so that they’re motivated to follow safety best practices and avoid cutting corners. Here’s how you do it:

Getting Your Employees on Board With Your Safety Initiatives Using Safety Coins

You can only go so far with rules and regulations. We all know that rules are sometimes bent or broken, and corners are sometimes cut to save time. Management can’t track all of them, and it’s a fool's errand to even try.

But you can control the culture of your business. Cultivating a safe environment for your employees starts with rules and regulations. It ends with how you motivate your employees to follow them.

Safety Coins - Rolls Royce - Exxon Mobil - Fati challenge coims by signature coins

Safety incentive coins like these are given to the men and women who demonstrate safety best practices while on the job. Recognizing an employee for their excellent work in real-time is a proven method of instilling confidence in their actions and encouraging the same behavior to continue.

The idea is to let your best employees set the example for others to follow and to reward all of the men and women who work safely. Safety coins are designed

for specific departments in a facility, for specific actions taken by your employees, and sometimes to represent specific responsibilities of your employees like this Robinson Construction coin.

safety coins robinson construction challenge coin

Bringing construction to a halt is disastrous to schedules and can cause projects to go over budget. But it’s better to deliver late than to find unsafe workarounds. A lot is riding on finishing a construction project on time, but Robison Construction gives their managers the authority to stop everything to ensure safety standards are upheld.

t’s important to remember that hitting a deadline is not as important as keeping workers safe, and these safety award coins recognize the people running the show for striving to hit zero harm on a project.

Zero harm is a consistent theme we see in safety challenge coins. Everyone shoots for zero harm and using coins like these to reward and motivate your staff is the best way to get there.

Creating Your Own Safety Coin Program

Creating a safety coin program of your own is easy. Most of the safety coins we make are used in industries like construction, energy and manufacturing, but employee safety should be a top priority for every type of business.
t helps to see an example of a great safety coin program before getting started on your own. One of our biggest customers is Marathon Petroleum Corporation. They create safety coins used at refineries all over the world, and they all preach the same message: F.U.E.L.S. (Forever Uniting Employees Lives through Safety).

Safety Coins - Marathon - FUELS challenge coims by signature coins

Coins like these celebrate milestone achievements throughout the company, recognize employees who are practicing Marathon’s safety initiatives while on the job, and honor the efforts of valued staff.

Another important note to take away from Marathon’s safety coin program is that, not only do these coins encourage employees to perform safety best practices while on the job, they also encourage management to actively look for their best employees and to reward them for their hard work.

Zero Harm Is Possible, but Only When It’s a Team Effort

Custom challenge coins, no matter how they're used, share stories and encourage camaraderie in a team. Creating a safety coin design for your company is a great way to remind your staff to be careful on the job, but it’s also a means of recognizing hard work and rewarding a job well done.

We’re not saying that ordering safety challenge coins will automatically get you to zero harm. We’re simply pointing out that custom coins will help you get your team on board with your initiatives. They’ll cultivate camaraderie, honor excellent service and ultimately help you and your team work together to create a safer work environment for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your ideas for a safety coin design today, and see what type of artwork we can dream up for you!

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