Creating Custom Challenge Coins for Martial Arts Dojos

Posted by Signature Coins | September 3, 2012 at 4:11pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

In Japanese martial arts there is something called a dojo. It is special and cared for by its users. There is a ritual cleaning that occurs at the beginning and end of each training session. Martial artists are not allowed to wear shoes while performing a dojo. There is a prescribed pattern of technique that involves student and instructor. Rank plays a big role and is laid out precisely. Visitors to a dojo have a special reserved place in the ceremony based on their rank and station. Weapons and training gear can be found on the back wall for easy access.

Some well-known hombu dojo in Japan are:

  • Judo

  • Aikido

  • Ninjutsu

  • Sobudo

Each style of dojo requires its artists to be highly skilled. Martial Arts studios usually practice different types of dojos depending on the instructors’ preferences and skill. Custom challenge coins can be created and used by Martial Arts instructors in a number of different ways. Below, you will find a few examples of ways to use these items in your day-to-day business affairs.

Signify Levels of Achievement with a Unique Gift

Honor your students’ accomplishments with a highly stylized and personal gift. Custom challenge coins are well received and thought to be a real honor because of their military background and distinct symbolism. As students master one level and move onto the next, they are given a coin to mark their accomplishments.

Award Coins for Tournaments and Other Special Events

Create a special coin for an upcoming tournament or demonstration. Hand it out to everyone that participates as a way of thanking them for their hard work and perseverance. Custom coins can also be handed out to volunteers. Acknowledging the time and commitment they gave to ensure your event’s success is important.

Advertise Your Martial Arts Company with Something Memorable Like a Custom Coin

As a promotional item, few compete with custom challenge coins. Made with quality materials and in a way that reflects your studio’s mission and personality, the personal mementos make an impression wherever they are seen. That’s why it’s important to include your studio’s logo, name, location, phone number, and website address in the coin’s design. This will help others find you easily when they want to enroll in Martial Arts classes.

Recognize your Martial Artists and put your studio on the map today by creating a thoughtful gift like a challenge coin. Contact Signature Coins with a request for a free price quote and full color digital proof. You can visit us online at Submit your design ideas to or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free with your questions. We will get started right away on artwork for your order of Martial Art Dojo coins.

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