Create Sequentially Numbered Challenge Coins for Your Big Raffle

Posted by Signature Coins | September 14, 2014 at 4:48pm | Topic: Challenge Coin

Rather than hand out ordinary raffle tickets this year, why not create something with some staying power instead? Sequentially numbered challenge coins replace paper tickets by offering a long lasting, environmentally-friendly solution to many of our customers’ needs. Rather than rely on an unpredictable system to divvy up prizes, count on custom coins to do the job right.

We Welcome You to Think Outside the Box

A little creativity goes a long way with us. We love it when our customers come to us with creative ideas. We reward this ingenuity by offering our talent, skills, and expertise in the industry. We’re willing to help you come up with an award winning challenge coin design. Rather than sell paper raffle tickets, sell coins instead. The chances of losing the all-metal items is slim to none.

Match Drawn Numbers to Numbers on Coins

Sequential numbering makes it possible for you to draw out a number and match it to someone’s coin. When the person steps up to claim their prize, you can thank them for participating and encourage them to be a part of next year’s festivities. The people who did not win a prize still get to go home with something memorable. Custom challenge coins make everyone feel like a winner despite the outcome of the raffle.

Prepare for Your Big Event in Advance with Our Help

Create sequentially numbered challenge coins for your big raffle. Send everyone home with something substantial. Custom challenge coins tell a tale. They’re a reminder of the past and the events that took place during a certain period of time.

Make this year’s contest extra special. Contact Signature Coins for more information and to learn about the ordering process. We provide insight and suggestions on ways to make your custom challenge coins stand out in a crowd.

Email your ideas to Call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free. We want to hear from you. The sooner we receive your inquiry, the faster we can get to work on custom artwork for you. This allows you to see what your custom coins will look like at the time of manufacturing.

Once your coins are to your liking, approve the design, pay for your order in full, and wait for your raffle items to arrive to your address. If it’s in the US, we pay the cost of shipping order to you. This allows you to focus on details of the raffle as well as prepare for your event in other ways.

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