Create Custom Punctuation Shaped Challenge Coins for Punctuation Day

Posted by Signature Coins | June 11, 2013 at 12:46pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Punctuation Day is September 24th, 2013. Do you have a plan for how your writing club or English class is going to celebrate it? What if we were to tell you that we create custom shaped challenge coins that can tie into a lesson that you’re teaching? What if these items were so unique and rich in visual appeal that they could be used to promote your club or class this year? Would you be interested in ordering them?

Custom challenge coins do not need to be round or square for people to take interest in them. In fact, the more unusual the design the better is the case for many of our customers. If you want to teach people how to properly use punctuation, create a custom challenge coin in the shape of a colon, a question mark or an exclamation point. These cut-to-shape coins will grab people’s attention and get them interested in your club or class right away.

We offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles for you to choose from. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind type of gift that meets your needs and exceeds your high expectations. Custom challenge coins are the type of items people respond well to. Get yours today and raise attendance in your writing club or English class’ scheduled events.

Contact Signature Coins with your Punctuation Day challenge coin request. We can’t wait to get started on the artwork we create for your order. Visit to learn more about the different styles of coins we have to offer our customers.

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to order, contact us by emailing or calling 1-800-953-3607 toll-free. Take advantage of our free artwork and design services right away. We can help you come up with a design that meets your needs this September.

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