Create Custom Challenge Coins for Your Christmas Festival

Posted by Signature Coins | November 27, 2012 at 7:01pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have a way of bringing people together. The symbolic mementos have a longstanding history with the military but are now used by businesses, organizations, schools, sports teams, and clubs as an advertising tool, award, and keepsake. People of all ages enjoy receiving challenge coins. That’s why so many communities are now ordering custom coins to promote their Christmas festivities.

Christmas challenge coins can be used to promote small businesses throughout the holiday season. They can be handed out in anticipation of a parade or tree lighting ceremony as a way of getting more people involved. Coins can be used for holiday poster contests in school. They can be given to community members that donate their time or resources to your worthy cause. The options are endless. Custom challenge coins are really that versatile.

Custom coins can be create in different sizes and shapes to meet your needs. For example, have you ever see a tree or reindeer shaped challenge coin? These are a few of the options you have when you choose to order custom challenge coins from Signature Coins. Coins can also be created as medallions for awards ceremonies or bottle openers to be handed out with beverage bottles as gifts. They can have decorative edges, 3D images, cut outs, and even sequential numbering to make them limited edition.

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