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Create Custom Challenge Coins for Your Accounting Business

Posted by Signature Coins | October 25, 2014 at 3:08pm | Topic: Challenge Coin

Businesses of all sizes look for new ways to get the word out about the products and services they provide. Accountants are no different. They want to stand out in their communities and be recognized for the experienced business professionals that they are.

Create a Favorable Impression of You and the Services You Provide

If you’re an accountant who wants more recognition this year, consider ordering custom challenge coins as part of your marketing plan. Small but easy to recognize, coins make a great impression. When you give a client a coin, you’re basically saying, “Thank you for using my services. Please tell everyone you know about my business.”

Give People Something to Talk About

People like being acknowledged. This is particularly true where business transactions are concerned. They want to know that they’re spending their money on the best products and services available. Go the extra mile to assure them that they have. People won’t stop talking about the incredible service you provide to them. This will help you win over new business year after year.

Make Your Coins Stand Out

Some of the ways you can make your accounting firm coins stand out include:

  • Choose an unusual size or shape.

  • Add your logo or choice of emblem.

  • Select a decorative edge.

  • Try a 3D image as the focal point of your design.

  • Have the coins sequentially numbered.

  • Have the coins dual plated.

  • Cut out areas of metal.

  • Add silkscreens.




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