Create Custom Challenge Coins for the Tour Guides Working for Your Company

Posted by Signature Coins | June 10, 2014 at 7:14pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Do you own a company that employs tour guides? Do you want to make your employees feel welcomed, valued, and appreciated? If you answered, “Yes,” we have the perfect gift for you.

Custom challenge coins are created with your company in mind. We can design an employee gift that communicates your purpose and value to others. Choose Signature Coins as your custom challenge coin company of choice.

A Custom Gift with Personality

Custom challenge coins are the type of item that commands attention. Crafted in your choice of metal and designed with your ideas and specifications in mind, few gifts are as personal, meaningful, and memorable as custom coins. For decades, challenge coins have been the go-to item of choice for the nation’s military. Businesses, organizations, schools, and clubs have adopted the practice.

Ways You Can Make Your Custom Coins Stand Out

Some of the ways you can customize your tour guide coins is:

  • By creating them in a unique size or shape.

  • By adding a decorative edge as a ‘frame’ for the coins.

  • By cutting out areas of the metal.

  • By including a 3D image of your logo.

  • By adding glow-in-the-dark enamel to the coins.

  • By having the coins sequentially numbered.

  • By having the coins dual plated.

  • By creating a bottle opener challenge coin.

  • Adding a compass emblem on the coins to make them unique.

We can always incorporate as many of these options as the size of the coin allows. The more detail that goes into a design, the larger the surface we work with needs to be. Take a look at our online gallery for inspiration. You’ll see coins in a number of different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors there.

Request a Free Price Quote Right Away

Create custom challenge coins for the tour guides working for your company. The designing and ordering processes are really easy. Simply contact Signature Coins with your questions and ideas. We give you several ways to reach us.

One is through the FREE Price Quote submission form located on our website. The other two options involve calling or emailing us. You can reach a representative directly at 1-800-953-3607 toll-free. Logos and photographs can be emailed to us at

It doesn't matter how you reach us! We want to hear from you! Contact us today for a no obligation, free price quote. We’ll send it and a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you to the email address we have recorded for you.

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