Create Custom Challenge Coins for Positive Attitude Month

Posted by Signature Coins | September 27, 2012 at 7:42pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

A positive attitude goes a long way. Encourage good behavior in your school or workplace with custom challenge coins. The unique recognition items go a long way to boost morale, encourage exceptional behavior, and reward leaders personally and professionally.

Since World War I, custom coins have been a symbol of pride and determination for the military. In today’s modern world, coins have been adopted by businesses, schools, and organizations wanting to recognize the efforts of exemplary people. Because of their durable nature and attractive appearance, challenge coins remain a cherished keepsake of people of all ages.

Custom coins can have a positive message or quote included on them. This reminds the recipients of the gift to maintain a positive attitude. Tangible rewards like these inspire people to be their best. When they see that others around them are being recognized, they strive to follow in their mentor’s footsteps. Everyone loves being honored with a small but meaningful award. Challenge coins are the type of memento that people hold onto and display for years and years.

Create custom challenge coins for Positive Attitude Month. Visit today. Email your design ideas to We’ll put together a free price quote and artwork for you to look over. Direct your questions to a Signature Coins representative by calling 1-800-953-3607 toll-free. We’ll answer your questions and give you suggestions on ways to make a standout Positive Attitude Month challenge coin.

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