Commemorative Challenge Coins

When people are searching for commemorative coins, they often select Signature Coins because we have over 15 years of experience creating custom coins. With that experience, we have learned that by providing the most helpful and friendly customer service, we are able to work closer with each customer to create custom coins to better fit their needs.

Offering fast, easy ordering, outstanding quality, and superior customer service at an affordable price, and creating custom challenge coins made to your specifications in 14 days or less, it is no wonder Signature Coins has been in business for so many years. If you are interesting in learning more about our custom commemorative challenge coins, we encourage you to contact today by completing our free quote form or by giving us a call. It's that easy!

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What is a Commemorative Coin?

A commemorative coin acts as a memorial of a special person, place, or event. These coins can be distributed in a number of ways, while they are generally distributed at special events honoring the person, place or thing they are honoring.

If you would like a custom commemorative coin created for a specific person, place, or event, please contact us with the details of your coins.

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Types of Custom Commemorative Coins


In most cases, customers are looking for gold commemorative coins or silver commemorative coins, but will occasionally request to have colors included in their coins. Whichever customizations you would like to include on your commemorative coins, we provide free artwork and designs to help you turn your ideas into reality for your special person, place, or event.

Here are a few custom commemorative coins we have created for customers:

  • Event Commemorative Coins
  • Military Commemorative Coins
  • US Commemorative Coins
  • NASA Commemorative Coins
  • Vietnam Commemorative Coins
  • WWII Commemorative Coins
  • Civil War Commemorative Coins
  • Presidential Commemorative Coins
  • Sports Commemorative Coins
  • National Park Commemorative Coins
  • Wedding Commemorative Coins
  • Canadian Commemorative Coins
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Most commemorative coins range from one to three inches, and can be created in any color, or in the classic gold or silver. Choose from a selection of edging including flat edge, rope edge, oblique line edge, spur edge, flat weave edge, cross cut edge, or add edge numbering for a complete customized look. Complete your coin with one of the options below to give your coin the finished look you’ve wanted.

Some options include:

  • Epoxy Dome
  • Silkscreen
  • 3D
  • Offset Printed Images
  • Cut Outs
  • Glow in the Dark

Select from our premium packaging options to showcase and preserve your commemorative coin, or use our free PVC pouce included in each order.

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Why Choose Signature Coins?

A lot of people choose Signature Coins to create their custom commemorative challenge coins because they realize the amount of respect we have for the people we are creating the coins for. At our company, we display everything we have learned about the custom coin industry over the last 15 years, and put everything we have into creating custom commemorative coins for our customers. To us, we do much more than say we have the highest quality commemorative coins, but actually show our customer how we are able to create the highest quality coins, and shipping these coins right to their doorstep.

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Get started by completing one of the forms on this page or by calling us at 800.953.3607, where you can speak with a helpful representative. Simply share your ideas with us, and we will provide you with free artwork and designs, with unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied. Get started today, and have your coins in 14 days or less!