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Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Does your Coast Guard Squadron have challenge coins?

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is an elite unit that provides maritime, military, and multi-mission services. According to the Department of Defense, there were a total of 42,042 active members in the US Coast Guard as of March 31, 2018. Each of these active members, non-active members, and veterans, understand the rich tradition of being presented with a challenge coin and carrying that challenge coin with them at all times.


At Signature Coins, we have a unique relationship with the US Coast Guard, as we have provided our custom military challenge coins to this branch for over 15 years. Our Coast Guard customers have a great attention to detail and really appreciate our high-quality coins and craftsmanship. Not to mention, our customer service team has streamlined the coin customization process by speeding up the point at which you contact Signature Coins, to the point you receive your fully customized Coast Guard challenge coin.

What Are  US Coast Guard Challenge Coins?

Coast Guard challenge coins enforce solidarity and hold members of the Coast Guard to certain standards. When a member of the Coast Guard is “challenged” to produce their coin, they must do so immediately. Failing to produce a challenge coin will result in buying a round of drinks, or performing a service for everyone that has a Coast Guard or military challenge coin.

USCG What Are Challenge Coins

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Custom Coast Guard Coin Gallery


Fully Customizable US Coast Guard Challange Coins

We have dozens of features that can easily be added to your challenge coin.

Members of the Coast Guard love to come to us because we offer fully customizable challenge coins, free artwork, unlimited revisions, and urgent delivery services. Customers can choose from a variety of challenge coin shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on the purpose of the coin, we offer antique metal plating options, 3D challenge coins, offset printed coins, silkscreen coins, epoxy dome coins, glow in the dark coins, cutouts, bottle opener coins, and several additional options.

Some common customizations include:

  • Custom color matching to ensure your unit is accurately depicted
  • Shapes such as emblems, seals, symbols, and logos are easily recreated
  • Styles to match your sector
  • Detailing so your sector’s motto is readable and its emblem is recognizable

With our custom Coast Guard challenge coins, members of the Coast Guard seem to have a stronger sense of belonging and achievement. When presented with our premium packaging options, it can help to both preserve the quality and workmanship of your custom challenge coin and offers a unique display to show off your special coin to everyone.

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Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coin Types


Creating thousands of challenge coins for the US Coast Guard each year is something that our team takes very seriously. As our Coast Guard risks their lives to keep our country safe, the least we can do is provide them with an unmatched challenge coin service. Some types of challenge coins we have created for different squadrons and units of the Coast Guard include:

The above units of the Coast Guard are responsible for protecting and defending more than 100,000 miles of U.S. coastline and waterways, along with safeguarding an Exclusive Economic Zone covering 4.5 million square miles from North of the Arctic Circle to South of the equator, from Puerto Rico to Guam, according to the United States Coast Guard website.

US Coast Guard Academy & School Challenge Coins

As we are a custom challenge coin maker, we are able to create custom challenge coins for all schools and academies associated with the Coast Guard. These challenge coins may consist of graduation challenge coins, achievement challenge coins, Coast Guard ROTC challenge coins, Coast Guard WOCS challenge coins, and more. Whatever type of Coast Guard Academy or school coin type you require, simply contact us today and we will get started on your free design right away.


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With over 15 years of experience creating custom challenge coins for the United States Coast Guard and other branches of the military, Signature Coins has remained one of the most respected and sought-after custom challenge coin providers in the country. By providing high-quality coins and artwork, along with fast and free priority air shipping, we are able to speed up the custom coin process, without our coins losing their integrity.

If you are looking for a custom challenge coin maker for your sector, we encourage you to give us a call or complete one of the contact forms on this page. One of our representatives will contact you immediately, where you can explain the details of your coin, and we will send you your first proof within 24 hours. Once completed, you will have your coin in 14 days or less - It’s really that easy!



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