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Just like any custom military challenge coin, a Coast Guard challenge coin is designed to tell a story. Some are made in celebration of anniversaries or special occasions, while others are designed specifically to honor a ship and her crew. They come in custom shapes, sizes and colors but no matter how different they may look or feel, each one is still a part of the Coast Guard’s story.

Creating Your Own Coast Guard Coin Design

If you’re looking for a challenge coin maker to help create a coin for your team, you’ve come to the right place. Some of the most popular inspirations for the design of coast guard challenge coins are things like the coast guard emblem and the famous orange and white color scheme the service is known for, but our team will craft any style of artwork you need. However, the most important part of any custom coast guard coin is how it honors the brave men and women dedicating their lives to service.

Different Styles of USCG Challenge Coins

Custom military coins come in all kinds of different styles and are used for different things. If you’re not sure what will work best for your design ideas, take a look at a few of the Coast Guard challenge coins we’ve made in the past before getting started on your own project.

USCG Attache Program Challenge Coin by Signature Coins

For designs incorporating the Coast Guard emblem and colors, 2D challenge coins are an excellent option. 2D artwork has a raised and recessed layer, and soft enamel colors are added to the recessed portions of the design to help add contrast to the artwork. Our intricate molding process makes it easy to create beautifully detailed designs with intricate color patterns.

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We also make more complex 3D challenge coins that offer an unrivaled level of depth and detail in their design. Adding color to a fully 3D design is not always possible, so many of our customers combine both 3D and 2D artwork in their custom Coast Guard coins to create unique and memorable designs.

United States Coast Guard 3D challenge coins by signature coins

Another option is to create a set of custom USCG challenge coins with cut outs or custom shapes. Cut outs are portions of a coin design that are cut away, giving the artwork a unique appeal. Our production team also uses functional cut outs to create custom bottle opener coins. Functional bottle opener coins and custom shape coins are perfect options for anyone looking to design a coin that stands apart from the crowd.

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How to Get Started on a Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coin Design

Getting started on your own USCG challenge coins is quick and easy. Just submit a free quote form on our website and our art team will set to work on your design first free design. If you prefer, our sales team is also available by phone and is happy to take down all of your information and help you get started.

The details we will need to get started include a quick outline of your design ideas and any reference materials or photographs that you might have. We accept anything from a simple list of ideas to sketches on the back of a napkin. All artwork and revisions are free when working with our Signature Coins team, so feel free to let us know how we can improve your custom coin design once you see the first proof.

If you are looking for a way to keep all of your ideas organized, our free military coin design template will help you get all the relevant information to our art team. The coin template has space for you to draw your ideas, take notes and check off the custom options you would like to see on your custom Coast Guard challenge coins.

US Coast Guard ERIE challenge coin by signature coins

While the variations of gold and silver plating are among the most popular for any USCG challenge coin, we offer a wide variety of plating options that set the tone for your design. Including a custom edge in your coin design is another way to accentuate your design and frame your artwork.

Custom challenge coins cost anywhere from two to five dollars a piece, and including certain custom options will affect the unit price of your coins. Our sales team will include updated pricing quotes with every revision of your Coast Guard coins, and is happy to help find the best and most cost-efficient designs for you.

Choosing to Work With the Best Custom Coin Maker Online

All of the USCG coins we help design are crafted as a symbol of the service and a personal mark of merit. They are sometimes made specifically for Chief Petty Officers or for Gunner’s Mate training, and other times they are created by a team of sailors to celebrate their fellowship. No matter the case, we are honored to be a small part of their story by providing the highest-quality Coast Guard challenge coins on the market.

All of our customers receive free artwork and free revisions, as well as overnight shipping and a 100% quality guarantee on their entire order. Get started on your own set of custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins today, and see why Signature Coins is the best custom coin maker online.

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