Challenge Coins Reward Program Participants for Completing Courses

Posted by Signature Coins | January 27, 2012 at 1:08pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins have been adopted by colleges, universities, and trade schools as a gift to hand out upon a program’s completion. These highly regarded pieces of memorabilia are symbolic in nature because they resemble currency or medallions which are thought to be honorable and valuable. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when receiving this type of award.

Challenge coins are the perfect giveaway item for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, they are large enough to feature a complex design as well as text. This is especially true because custom coins have two sides to work with. If a school decides to use both sides of a double sided challenge coin, they can customize one with the school’s information and the other with the class or program’s information. This allows each year’s coins to be relevant and personal.

Custom made challenge coins serve as great incentives for everyone involved in a program. Individuals strive to be their personal best and meet course objectives. They also try their skills at being leaders which can be beneficial when applied to their personal lives and professional careers.

A reward item that is meaningful and attractive, a challenge coin makes people excited about what they are doing. This gives them the initiative to complete whatever tasks life throws at them. It teaches them lessons about determination and perseverance.

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