Signature Coins Wishes You a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

Posted by Signature Coins | July 4, 2011 at 8:55am | Topic: Challenge Coins

Signature Coins wants to wish you a safe and happy Fourth of July. We know how important Independence Day is to you and your families. While you're at your corporate barbecue or city's parade, remember to hand out custom challenge coins to everyone in attendance. Bold in color and emblazoned with a symbol of freedom, they are an easy way to show your support for our troops and Veterans.

They're also a great promotional tool. If you want others to recognize you by your brand, make sure to include it in your challenge coin design. These double sided pieces of memorabilia are perfect for including images like the American Flag, Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagle, and Liberty Bell. You can also incorporate your slogan or motto as well as contact information like your phone number, email address or URL of your website.

Patriotic challenge coins can also reflect your July 4th event. This helps make them more collectible because they are personal. People in attendance at your event get to go home with a special gift and you get to take credit for being innovative and generous.

Although it's too late to order your Independence Day challenge coins now, you can always be ready for next year ahead of schedule. Visit with your request for a free quote. We'll be happy to assist you every step of the way.

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