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Signature Coins makes custom products for groups of all shapes and sizes. The big Fortune 500 corporations get all the glory and recognition, but the truth is that small businesses are the ones getting creative when it comes to using custom coins. Not everything is about creating incentives for employees (although keeping staff happy and engaged is important for any business). At Signature Coins, we have partnered with a bunch of small businesses that use challenge coins for teaching, promoting their services and all sorts of other ideas. Take a look below to see what people are making!

Some Small Business Coins


Camp Mini-Yo-We is a small summer camp and year-round retreat center. They have over 270 acres of wooded hills, biking and hiking trails and waterfront for campers to enjoy. All of their facilities and programs are tooled towards educating, guiding and developing today's young campers into tomorrow's leaders. 

The front face of the coin shows off the camp logo, while the flip side has a quick message that aligns with the core teaching of the camp: “Leave it better than you found it!” Just as it reads along the bottom rim, the camp uses these as honour coins that campers earn through personal merit. (And yes, we double checked that we were spelling honour correctly! In British and Canadian English, honor is spelled with a ‘u’.)

A fun tidbit about this small business is that they asked for the coin molds to be shipped with the coins. The contact wanted to be able to teach some campers about the process of minting the coins and have the actual mold handy to pass around! Not only were the coins a fun keepsake for some of the kids, but they also were interactive teaching tools!
These coins were made for an independent film company called TFO Productions. They were working on a film called Grunk the Smasher and wanted a set of coins to hand out to investors and another set for promoting the film. The contact sent our art team some of the promotional images from the film as well as a few ideas for what the coins could look like and we set to work. We are happy with the final product and are pleased the client could use them in their promotional efforts for the film!
Terez is an online based clothing store that encourages all women to express their personality and individualism. All of their products are made with pride in the United States, and the company strives to make all of their clothes unique and boundary-breaking. These coins are straightforward in design, featuring little more than the business’s logo and slogan, but it is enough to drive interest in their products and help rally support. While the company is an online property, these coins are for a pop-up that opened the week of November 5th, 2018. It will be a good time for their company to create some face-to-face relationships in the real world, and having custom coins will help cement that physical bond between customer and vendor!
Cigar Noise is an online property with blogs, video stories and interviews looking deeper into the world of cigars. They offer in-depth reviews, advice for purchasing cigars and created a smartphone app that is something like a social media platform for cigar lovers. If you are looking for a place to connect with other people and talk about your love of cigars, Cigar Noise is the place to go! This coin was designed as a bottle opener so people could enjoy a cold one with their favorite smokes.

Little Leagues, AAU travel teams and tournament venues create custom products to give out to young players after games and practices. Over the years, players collect more coins and pins that catalog their development as young athletes. But it’s not just baseball. Hockey leagues, youth football and soccer teams, gyms and rec leagues all over the country make custom coins as well.

Making Custom Coins For Your Business with Signature Coins

The uses for custom coins can go in all sorts of directions. It just depends on what kind of business you have and what your goals are. Challenge coins are perfect for building camaraderie among colleagues, for promoting your brand, for rallying support, for teaching and for so much more. Some use our coins in tiered incentive programs where employees can earn bronze, silver and gold coins, while others hand them out after workplace certifications, safety seminars or to show appreciation for hard work and dedication.
As a small Orlando based business ourselves, we understand what it's like for small companies competing with established brands in their market. That is why our services are made accessible to all types of businesses. We make custom coins for start-ups, mom and pop shops and, of course, the Fortune 500’s of the world. You don’t have to be one of the corporate giants to order custom challenge coins. You just need to have a little inspiration, and we will take care of the rest. Send us your ideas at SignatureCoins.com and see what we can do for your small business!

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