Challenge Coins Act As Tickets For Military Balls

Posted by Signature Coins | February 22, 2011 at 11:48am | Topic: Challenge Coin Tickets

Lately, we have been getting a few requests for challenge coins that are in the shape of Military Ball Tickets. These items are intended to replace paper tickets by gaining admission to a military ball. In addition to being practical, they also serve as a keepsake for everyone attending the event. They are usually sequentially numbered (laser engraved) to keep each one unique and also for checking into the event. Ticket takers can cross reference the number on the challenge coin to make sure that it hasn’t been used before.

Challenge coins, although typically circular in shape, are customizable. That’s what makes them the perfect item to use at military balls and other formal events. By using these items as tickets, they take on another role. Aside from their sentimental value, they also have a practical purpose. Details about the event can be included on one side of the challenge coin while an image or photograph can be included on the other. This helps attendees remember the date that the ball took place and can give them something to pass onto younger generations.

Collector’s items like military memorabilia is highly sought after. Unique sizes and shapes can add value to a challenge coin’s design and make it more desirable. Military ball ticket lapel pins are unique. They catch other people’s attention with their design and novel appearance. That’s the beauty of ordering custom products. They really do reflect the groups and organizations that purchase them.

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