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Posted by Patrick Moyer | Wednesday November 28th, 2018 | Topic: Customers

What Exactly Is a Challenge Coin Series?

Most people that want to order challenge coins are looking for a one-off design — something completely original that stands on its own. But there are some groups that create an entire series of coins that go together, and they do this for a number of different reasons. A series of coins share a common element between them, usually a consistent coin face. Across the series, the front or back of each coin remains the same while the opposite side is changed depending on what the coins are going to be used for.

Take these for example. 
This series of coins was created by Service Corporation International’s (SCI’s) payroll solutions center. For a number of years, SCI has continued to partner with Signature Coins to produce these I.R.I.S.E. coins for their employee recognition program. All five coins in the series share a common reverse side, while each obverse side depicts a different quality or merit SCI wants their employees to personify. 

Deciding to make a series of coins, as opposed to a one-off design, depends on what a group is hoping to achieve with their challenge coins. Sometimes getting one design is all a group needs, but then again, there are a number of benefits that come with creating a series of coins instead. For one thing, a series of coins can aid in a company’s branding efforts, ensuring all of the coins have a level of consistency even as their uses evolve over time. They also help a group save time and money when they decide to reorder coins in the future.


Branding With a Challenge Coin Series

The pictures below show a coin series that Signature Coins made for iRobot (the makers of the Roomba). Just like the SCI coins, these were created for use in an employee recognition program. But they serve the dual purpose of rewarding employees and continuing the branding efforts of the company. The person who contacted Signature Coins on behalf of iRobot said, “My top design priorities with this coin are to continue using our brand font (Harmonia, I can provide if needed), ensuring that the green matches our Pantone 369C green, and making sure there’s some clear space around our logo.”
Challenge coins change hands quickly and easily capture the ideas and imagery of a company. While the iRobot coins were mainly used in an employee recognition program, they still elicit a strong connection to the company’s brand. Other companies use coins in a series solely for the purpose of branding, promoting or sharing ideas. 

These next few coins were handed out at a conference by the Executive Chairman and the CEO of Martinrea International Inc. They act something like a substitute for business cards, however, the design incorporates more information about the company’s purpose and spend-centric business model. 

Both small businesses and large corporations are always looking for ways to expand their reach and share their brand with others. Custom coins like these go a long way in achieving that goal, both within a company and outside a company. A coin series maintains a strong connection to a company’s identity but is still adaptable for different circumstances and purposes.  

Saving Time and Money: Getting the Most Out of One Design

Creating any challenge coin starts with a design. Once the artwork is finalized, a mold has to be machined before production can begin. There are a number of different ways to save money when creating a challenge coin, and reusing coin molds is a solid choice when ordering multiple coins. Every two-sided coin requires two molds, but when a coin series continues a common design on one side of each coin, the customer saves money by not having to create multiple molds for every coin.  
    The coins pictured above are service reward coins for Brand Energy that share a common mold for the front side while still changing colors and plating options. Brand Energy has created coins from five years all the way to 45 years, and many of them share a common obverse face. Because our production team does not have to machine two new molds for every coin design, the time it takes to manufacture a coin series can also be much faster than making a set of coins that each have two unique molds. 


Why You Should Make a Challenge Coin Series

If a group is looking to order several coins at once, having a series made is a great way to save time and money, while also ensuring consistency across the whole line. For designs like the Martinrea coins, each is used by a different member of the company, but they have a uniform quality that adds professionalism to the set. Brand Energy and iRobot reinforce their brand image and get multiple uses out every design by incorporating their company logos and colors on each coin. 

A challenge coin series is a perfect option for groups looking to use coins at conferences, company parties or in company programs. They can be collected by supporters, potential clients and staff members, all while promoting a brand and recognizing excellence in service.  

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