Black Enamel and Gold Plating Make Outstanding Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by Signature Coins | December 13, 2010 at 12:50pm | Topic: Black Challenge Coins

When the New York State Police contacted us with their custom challenge coin request, we knew we had to exceed their expectations. Not only did we want their order to reflect their design ideas, we also wanted each item to be rich in detail and easily readable. That is why we suggested using black enamel paint on gold plating because we knew that it enhanced the appearance of custom artwork and made an attractive and collectible challenge coin.

Black and Gold Have a High Contrast

Black and gold look good together. That is because there is such a high contrast between the two colors. Governmental agencies, military groups, and academic institutes often use darker colors with gold plating. Details like these make challenge coins look distinguishable and professional.

Text Is Easy to Read and Stands Out

One of the main reasons why our customers choose black enamel with gold plating is because it makes the text easy to read. Words stand out rather than blend in with the background. This makes it easy to identify the business or organization that created the coins. For example, New York State Police is bold and recognizable against a dark blue background. The words “Gun Investigation Unit” also look good in gold against the black enamel of the coin.

Secondary Colors Add Depth to the Design

Other colors can add depth to the design. The way that we created the New York State Police coins demonstrates just that. A ring of black circles the navy blue coin on one side. This helps the gold lettering to shine through.

Minor details like these can make a noticeable difference in your challenge coin’s appearance. You can create a remarkable design easily by choosing black enamel with gold plating. The different options that we offer can be seen by visiting

What We Mean By Custom Challenge Coins

When it comes to the word custom, we mean truly unique. We can take any design idea and turn it into an enviable challenge coin. We can also create these in any size or shape that you desire. Although the New York State Police coins are round and traditional, their message is anything but. The images on the front and back of the coin represent the customer, the department that he represents, and the type of work that is accomplished. This type of challenge coins makes for an interesting conversation piece.

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