Babysitters Love Using Custom Challenge Coins in Place of Business Cards

Posted by Signature Coins | October 24, 2014 at 3:09pm | Topic: Babysitter Challenge Coins

Babysitting is a lucrative business with plenty of growth potential. Even younger babysitters can make good money off of taking care of other people’s children. If you’re in the childcare business and you want to gain more clients this year, we have an idea for you.

Instead of relying on traditional business cards to get the word out about the services you provide, why not stand out by handing out custom challenge coins with your name and phone number on them? People will remember the gift that you gave them and refer to it whenever they need a babysitter for their children.

There are a number of different ways to make your challenge coin design exceptional in appearance. First, choose the metal that you like best. Next, decide what image you want to use and whether or not you want a design on both sides of the coin. Decide what information you want to include on the coins. A name, phone number, and email address is a great place to start. Then, decide which add-ons you want. We offer a large selection meant to enhance the quality of the artwork we create for you.

Some of the options you have to choose from include:

  • Decorative Edge

  • Antique Metal

  • 3D Images

  • Dual Plating

  • Cut Outs

  • Silk Screening

  • Offset Printing

  • Epoxy Dome

  • Sequential Numbering

  • Sequential Edge Numbering

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Enamel

Make more money this year by being memorable. Create custom challenge coins with your name and phone number on them. Include the type of services you provide to parents on the back. Contact Signature Coins with your request for a no obligation, free price quote. We’ll send it and a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you. Check for an email from us shortly after emailing or phoning in your request.

Submit your information through our online FREE QUOTE form. Email with your questions. Call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free to speak to a representative. We know what it takes to create an outstanding custom challenge coin design. See for yourself by request your free price quote today.

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