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Since they were first introduced in the military, custom challenge coins have acted as a symbol of honor, accomplishment and pride. Soldiers earn special unit coins through dedication and excellence in their duties, and the collection of military coins formed over the years becomes a testament to an individual soldier’s career achievements and experiences. Some are designed specifically for a team while others are personal coins handed out by officers, but no matter the case, all Army coins represent a common sense of honor and pride in service.

What Makes the Perfect Military Challenge Coin?

A quick look at the history of challenge coins will show you that the first officially recorded use of unit coins comes from the Army’s 17th Infantry during the Korena War. These days, every branch of service has its fair share of memorable military challenge coins, but Army challenge coins are known as being the most diverse in shape, size and artwork.

By focusing on team culture and unit history, the Army continues to make custom designs in the same spirit of those first ever unit coins, each having a unique sense of personality and character. If you’re looking for the perfect design, a good place to start is with a team’s mascots and emblems like many of our favorite Army challenge coins.

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Coming Up With a Custom Army Coin Design

When it comes to finding the right inspiration for a custom coin design, focusing on what makes your team unique is a good place to start. Army Ranger challenge coins will have their own sense of unique personality, just as a set of custom Army coins from a brigade or Army Air Corps will be unique to their respective teams.

Army air corps and engineers

For coins that incorporate team logos or mascots, we use the Pantone Color Matching System to ensure that the final design is identical to the existing brand associated with a unit of soldiers. Creating a set of custom military coins shaped like a unit’s patch or coat of arms makes the coins something meaningful for a group of soldiers to share.

Other popular things to include in the design of custom Army challenge coins are references to the equipment soldiers use or carry. We’ve helped design Air Cavalry coins with Apache helicopters pressed into the coin face, Army National Guard coins with the traditional logo emblazoned on the coin face, and even coins shaped like gas masks for units specializing in handling chemicals.

Army National Guard coins mask shape challenge coins

As the premier Army coin maker available online, we strive to make every project an authentic piece of team history, and a representation of the camaraderie shared between soldiers. Knowing what will be perfect for your design is all about knowing what makes your team different than the rest. While a set of Army challenge coins will always show loyalty to the Corps, they most often celebrate what makes a small team of soldiers stand out from the rest.

Army Coin Gallery

US Army Corps Engineer and Commissioned Officer Army Challenge Coins by Signature Coins

How To Get Started On Your Own US Army Challenge Coins

Getting started on an Army challenge coin design is as easy as filling out a free quote form and providing a little background on your team. We created a custom challenge coin template for our customers to include with their quote forms that provides a space to sketch out ideas, take notes on designs and pick out custom options like size, shape, metal plating and custom edging.

The coin template is not required. We accept anything from pictures of unit emblems to hand-drawn sketches of custom designs. Once the form is submitted, our team will have your first free proof of artwork prepared within 48 hours.

Whether it’s a commander coin awarded by a superior officer, a custom bottle opener shared with squadmates, or a special Army coin carried as a symbol of fellowship and camaraderie, every design our Signature Coins team helps create is meant to honor the service of our nation’s heroes. Give us a call today, and see what makes Signature Coins the best custom coin maker on the market.

Creating Custom Army Challenge Coins with Signature Coins

Army Riders army challenge coin by signature coins

Every Army challenge coin is a symbol of courage, camaraderie and accomplishment. The designs we help create are a reflection of a team’s personality and history, so we do everything in our power to ensure the finished coins are the highest-quality products available. Our Signature Coins team helps customers create special forces coins, Army National Guard coins and custom unit coins for service members all throughout the military.

We take pride in our work, and it shows in the quality of our products and customer service. Every customer receives free artwork and revisions for their entire project, as well as a 100% quality guarantee and free shipping. Fill out a free quote form today and see why we are considered the best free online coin designer available.

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