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Army Birthday Ball Challenge Coins


The Army Birthday Ball is an annual series of formal celebrations held in honor of the formation of the U.S. Army on June 14, 1775. Near the anniversary of the U.S. Army’s formation, organizations such as the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and the United States Army's Family and MWR Programs host local community events throughout the nation to celebrate decades of proud military service. These events gather current servicemembers, honored veterans, and military families together for an evening of entertainment and festivities in recognition of their service and sacrifice. Following a long-respected military tradition, attendees at these events often receive unique challenge coins created specifically for the event to commemorate and honor the soldiers.

With over 15 years in the industry crafting custom challenge coins for our nation’s militaries, Signature Coins is a proud provider of these unique tokens. Regardless of the occasion, we stand ready to provide high-quality products with quick turnover times for all of our military clients.

Army Birthday Balls

Army support organizations throughout the country host localized Birthday Balls to celebrate the troops living in their area. Army Birthday Balls take place on or near the week of June 14th to celebrate the official date of the army’s formation in 1775. These localized events may honor specific army divisions, celebrate the local war heroes, or give recognition to war veterans as part of their festivities. The celebrations can take the form of a very wide range of events from formal galas to 5K running events.

  • The United States Army Birthday Gala held in New York City, New York, honors the 369th Infantry Regiment “Harlem Hellfighters.”
  • The United States Army Birthday Ball held in Orlando, Florida, especially invites members of the Wounded Warriors, Active, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, seasoned war veterans, and Gold Star families.
  • The United States Army Birthday Ball held in Hwaseong, South Korea, honors our soldiers actively operating abroad in South Korea.
  • The AUSA Army Birthday Celebration held in Phoenix, Arizona, worked with the Vietnam Commemorative Partner Program to specially honor all the soldiers serving in the Vietnam conflict.
  • The Army MRW at Fort Meade, Maryland, hosted a 5K run/1 mile walk on the army birthday to honor the troops in their area.

                                           What are the Army Birthday Ball Challenge Coins?

Giving a challenge coin to soldiers in the military is one of the most well-respected traditions in our nation’s armed forces. These coins are traditionally awarded to recognize soldiers who perform outstandingly or to an entire unit to help strengthen bonds of camaraderie and teamwork. For example, soldiers taking part in a difficult operation may receive challenge coins in recognition of their endeavor. However, the tradition has grown beyond the military. Both government or private organizations order these coins as unique commemorative items to be exchanged with visitors or to be given out during major events like an Army Birthday Ball. 

Each challenge coin is custom-made with symbols, emblems, or slogans significant to the organizations they are attached to. For a coin designed for an Army Birthday Ball, our company may include the army slogan, “This We’ll Defend,” printed on either side of the coin along with the army star. If a birthday ball intends to honor a specific unit of a division, then a challenge coin for their ball could also include any unit specific slogans, nicknames, or mascots. Whichever is the case, our company treats every order with respect and professionalism because we understand how important these tokens can be as reminders and sentimental items.

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Customizing and designing a Challenge Coin


Using our services is an easy and simple process which starts with filling out our order form with the details of your project. Once we receive your information we immediately begin drafting an art proof (FREE of charge) based on your design or instructions and send it back to you along with an initial quote for your order usually within 24-48 hours.

We’ll help guide you through every step of the design process and offer expert advice on picking from our wide selection of customization options including:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Edge
  • Plating
  • And much more!

We work individually with each of our clients to incorporate the precise designs or symbols they want in a coin. If a client doesn’t have a design on hand or isn’t sure where to start, then we work with the client to help build the perfect design ourselves using our full team of professional graphic designers and artists. Once final approval of a design is given, we can usually have an order produced and delivered to your event within 14 days or less!

Our Services

Signature Coins has been a trusted producer of challenge coins for the military, companies, and organizations for over 15 years. Whether you’re hoping to create a new design from scratch or simply breathing new life into an old design, we urge you to take advantage of our high-quality products and quick turnaround times. 

Our services include:


  • Free artwork & design from a full team of professional graphic artists.
  • Free unlimited revisions of a proof to ensure every finalized order is exactly as you’d want it.
  • Free mold & setup for orders over 300.
  • Quality workmanship 100% guaranteed.
  • Free shipping within the United States.



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