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The brave men and women serving in the United States Air Force live by the motto, Aim High, and understand that the sky is never the limit. The Air Force challenge coins they earn through service recognize the courage, commitment and excellence displayed by Airmen stationed all over the world and are carried with pride.

Custom Air Forces Coins

The Sky Is Never the Limit With Custom Air Force Coins

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Every branch of service has its own place in the history of challenge coins, but the first ever unit coins were created for a group of pilots in World War I. Since then, challenge coins have been carried in the pockets of airmen all over the world. The Army and Navy don’t have a set structure for when and where soldiers earn their first coin, but the Air Force is a different story altogether.

Recruits attending basic training for the United States Air Force don’t receive their first challenge coin until graduation and the Airman’s Coin ceremony. At the event, each recruit is given a unique Air Force graduation coin called an Airman’s Coin and addressed as an Airman for the first time.

Custom military coins are designed to be meaningful and memorable, no matter when they’re presented. The artwork is completely customizable, ensuring that there are no limits to what’s possible in design. If you’re looking for a custom challenge coin maker to help you design the perfect Air Force challenge coins, you’ve come to the right place. To get started on your free artwork and free price quote, just send us a few ideas, and our art team will take it from there.

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Designing the Perfect Set of Air Force Challenge Coins

Creating custom challenge coins is a fun and simple process with our Signature Coins team. Some of our clients come prepared with a sketch or digital rendering of the coins they need, while others just have a bullet list of ideas. In either case, we offer an unlimited number of free revisions to ensure that your design is perfect before you even spend a dime.

When filling out one of our free quote forms, besides letting us know what kind of artwork you’re looking for, let us know what styles and options you would like to see. Many of the custom Air Force challenge coins we help design make use of antique silver plating, but we have all kinds of different plating options to choose from. We also have options for custom edging, custom shapes and even custom bottle openers.

Anything is possible in custom Air Force challenge coin design. One of the most popular ideas is to create a custom Air Force Aircraft challenge coin, featuring the jets, planes and drones that a team operates. Including equipment, mascots and emblems is a great way to make a personal and meaningful design for a group of soldiers.

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Whether you know exactly what you need, or need the help of our art team to come up with something unique, we’ve got you covered. You can download our custom coin design template and sketch out the perfect design, or just send in a quick bullet list of ideas. Either way, our art team will set to work on your first free proof immediately.

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Who Orders Custom Air Force Challenge Coins?

The Airman’s Coin is only the first of many custom coins that a recruit will earn during their service. Teams create custom unit coins celebrating their heritage within the service. Officers commission their own personal coins and award them to the men and women in their command who demonstrate excellence, bravery or service worthy of recognition. Each coin has a sense of personality and significance thanks to its thoughtful design and careful execution.

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It’s traditional for Chief Master Sergeants in the Air Force to commission a set of personal Air Force challenge coins. Native American imagery is a popular design choice for Chief Master Sergeants, but the artwork can incorporate anything that an individual feels will make the design more personal and meaningful.

Unit members design coins to celebrate their time together as a team and the history of the unit. These designs usually incorporate team emblems, mottos and colors. We make sure to use the exact shade of Pantone colors to recreate logos and create incredibly detailed molds that ensure each design is a perfect recreation of an existing logo.

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We may be a challenge coin maker based in Orlando, but we help create military challenge coins for teams all over the world. Air Force coins are used here in the states as well as within friendly foreign militaries like the Colombian Air Force and Belgian Air Force. We have become the go-to custom coin maker for international militaries because we find ways of keeping shipping costs down no matter where a set of coins will be delivered. We are proud that our dedication to quality and customer service has earned the business of customers all over the world and continue to find ways of improving our process everyday.

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Choosing the Perfect Custom Coin Company for Your Air Force Challenge Coins

Air Force coins celebrate camaraderie, recognize excellent service and honor the brave men and women serving our country. Each coin is a unique symbol of identity and is carried with pride. To get started on your own coin design, all you need to do is fill out one of our free quote forms, and our art team will set to work. We will have a free proof of artwork and free pricing quote ready within 24 to 48 hours.

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Our Signature Coins team takes pride in every project, and it shows in the quality of our products. We offer every customer free unlimited revisions on artwork and a 100% quality guarantee. Give us a call today, and see how we can help bring your ideas to life!

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