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What Makes Your Home Special?

A sense of civic pride isn’t the sole property of places like New York and Chicago. Whether you live in a thriving metropolis or in a tight-knit rural community, civic pride is the kind of thing that can be found anywhere. How you show off your pride in your hometown is up to you, but state challenge coins are an excellent place to start.

We’ve made enough coins shaped like states in the U.S. to fill about half of the map, but we’re always looking for opportunities to add more! When a design is created to honor a sense of civic pride and communal understanding, there’s nothing better than a custom shaped coin molded to look like your home state. Send us your ideas, and see how easy it can be to create your own challenge coin!

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We make creating custom challenge coins easy!

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What Are State Challenge Coins?

Showing off the pride you feel in the place you call home is a great idea, but what does that realistically look like in challenge coins? In the larger sense, state challenge coins are often created by politicians and state officials looking to offer something special to their teams. They can be in honor of a well run election campaign, or in recognition of the successful completion of government works projects, or even as special holiday gifts. But that isn’t where the uses for U.S. challenge coins end.

While official state challenge coins are always a great idea, showing off civic pride isn’t reserved for those working for local government. National government employees also benefit from the presentation of custom U.S. challenge coins, and that’s not to mention custom military coins featuring images crafted specially for homesick soldiers.

Special occasion challenge coins are most often ordered by civilians and infused with a lot of civic pride. Wedding challenge coins typically include designs and artwork unique to the place the young couple met or are planning to spend the rest of their lives.

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In the end, state challenge coins are any challenge coin that draws on a particular state or place for inspiration in its design. If you’re creating challenge coins for the officers in your local precinct, consider adding design elements from the state you all protect and turn those coins into unique state coins. This can often take the form of including the image of your state seal on the coin, or perhaps digging a little deeper and making sure to include an image of your state bird or flower. But if those things aren’t really for you, there’s one quick and easy way to make sure you stamp your state’s personality onto your challenge coins.

Custom Coins By State

If you think you have what it takes to create a custom coin that embodies all the things that make your home special, contact us and get your state on the map.

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American Challenge Coins Shaped Like Your Home State

A lot of challenge coin designs make use of our cut to shape upgrade option. We’ve seen everything from coins shaped like weapons to coins shaped like puppy paws. Another common shape option is for the coins to be cut in the shape of the customer’s home state.

States with exceptionally distinct shapes like Texas and California show up far more often than states like Colorado or Wyoming, and states with larger land area, like Alaska, are more common than smaller states like Rhode Island. However, we’re capable of minting coins in just about any shape imaginable. The only question is: Which of our creative customers will be the first to come up with a challenge coin shaped like Hawaii?

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If you’re looking to add a little more personality to your custom U.S. coins, getting the shape of your state in a custom coin cut out is another way to go. Unlike cut to shape coins, coins with cut outs are often medallion-shaped but with a section physically cut out of the center. These cut outs can either create a unique shape with the negative space, or the silhouette of the state can be created by cutting away pieces of the coin to leave the state presented in metal.

Once you know what style of state coin fits your needs, the next step is to pick a challenge coin company that can best bring your design ideas to life.

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Locally Sourced American Custom Coins

Choosing a challenge coin company to bring your vision to life is no easy feat. Among the different factors that go into making that decision is the desire for the company you choose to share your passion for the subject of your coins. You can always outsource your custom coin design and construction to an overseas company, but who’s likely to understand your challenge coin designs better than a company in your own backyard?

Since the year 2000, we’ve created custom state challenge coins for customers in all walks of life. Not only are these types of coins common within the armed forces and with government contacts, they’ve also made their way into law enforcement and corporate circles. Corporate coins honoring not only the company brand but also the state the company is proud

If you’re looking for the perfect company to help complete your custom designed coins, choose the company with a proven track record of high-quality customer service and a long history of helping people create designs just as special and unique as their home towns. In short, choose Signature.

The Best Coin Designer for the Best State Coins

Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the practice of creating exceptional challenge coins. We know you have a lot of choices on the custom coin market, and our desire to make sure we’re the best option has seen a number of different innovations added to our arsenal.

Our free coin design template is the perfect place to start organizing your ideas. There’s space to sketch out design ideas, add notes and even to select which upgrade options you’d like to see represented in your first free artwork proof. Of course, all you ever need to get us started on your coin design is one of our free quote forms, but the design template is a great resource.

Custom challenge coins come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Why shouldn’t your home state be the inspiration for your next order of coins? Contact us today and let us help you press your passion for your home state into metal forever.