How to Get Custom Made Coins in Time for
Your Next Event

Three Simple Steps For Getting Custom Made Coins

A lot goes into designing and manufacturing custom made coins, but our goal at Signature Coins is to make the process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Our ordering process has three simple steps that will take you from an idea to a finished coin as quickly as possible. Our turnaround time is 14 days or fewer, making us one of the fastest custom coin makers available online.

So, if you’re wondering how to get custom made coins in time for your next event, here’s what you need to do.

  • First, fill out a free quote form and include a detailed description of your ideas for coin design.
  • Second, review the free proof of artwork that we provide, and send your revisions as quickly as possible.
  • Third, order your coins as soon as you think the design is perfect.

While our turnaround time might be 14 days or fewer, the time it takes from submitting a quote to receiving your coins can often take longer than that. This is because of the time it takes to create and revise artwork.

So, if you want to have custom made coins designed and delivered in as little time as possible, here’s what you need to do:

We make creating custom challenge coins easy!

But we would prefer you hear it directly from other customers 😉

Step One: Requesting a Quote and Submitting Artwork Ideas for Custom Made Challenge Coins

If you want to get your custom made coins as quickly as possible, providing a detailed description of your ideas when filling out a free quote form is the best place to start.

We can work with something as small as a bullet list of ideas, but the best way to give our art team a clear idea of your vision is to fill out a challenge coin design template. Our custom coin design template allows you to sketch out ideas, write down directions and notes, and select custom options like size, metal plating and edge design.

We’ve found that customers who submit one of these templates when they order custom made coins require fewer revisions and order their coins faster than customers who don’t provide a detailed description.

Filling out a free quote form on our website is quick and easy. Just click the orange “get started” button, and follow the prompts to choose the type of coin you need, the size coin you need, the edge design you like best, and the metal plating you want to see.

At the end of the quote form is a spot to upload any artwork or ideas that you have prepared. If you have time to fill out a design template, you can scan it onto your computer or take a picture of it with your cell phone and upload the image.

download and submit art ideas to your quote request

We also accept Powerpoint images, JPEGs and even snippets taken from Google images. As long as you provide a detailed description of your ideas, our art team will be able to bring your vision to life quickly and accurately.

Your first free proof of artwork will be ready within 48 hours after submitting a free quote form.

Step Two: Artwork Revisions for Custom Made Challenge Coins

Once you have a chance to look over your first free proof of artwork, send us your ideas for revisions as quickly as possible.

We find that one of the reasons custom made coins take to manufacture than expected is because of the extra time needed to finalize a design. Our professional art team can have multiple proofs of artwork completed and delivered on the same day in some cases, but we can’t create the perfect design without your help.

The only time we run into trouble is when we don’t hear from a customer for a day or two. To keep the process moving forward, it helps to communicate regularly with our sales team so that we can finish the artwork for you quickly.

Our friendly sales team is happy to discuss your design over the phone, and we also accept emails with revision ideas. Talking over the phone is the fastest way to communicate your ideas, but as long as your sending regular emails back to our sales team, we’ll be able to get your revisions finished promptly.

Usually, we have revisions finished within 24 hours, but we can have multiple proofs completed on the same day if it means meeting your deadline.

Step Three: Ordering Custom Made Coins for Your Next Event

When your design is perfect, submit your order as soon as you can.

Believe it or not, this is a spot in the challenge coin creation process that causes a lot of delays. We understand that gathering funds for your order of custom made coins can take some time, and if there is anything we can do to expedite the process, just let us know.

Our turnaround time is 14 days or fewer once an order is paid for and submitted to the factory, so all the time spent revising artwork and waiting to pay for the coins eats into the window of time available to have your coins manufactured and delivered before a company event.

How to Get Your Custom Made Coins as Fast as Possible

custom made coin ordering process by signature coins

Here at Signature Coins, we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, high-quality challenge coins, and enjoyable challenge coin design process.

While the typical production time for custom coins varies depending on the number of coins, the type of artwork, and so on, there are a few simple ways to help you receive your coins as fast as possible.

  • Use a challenge coin design template to sketch out your ideas, giving our art team a clear picture of your vision.
  • Once you receive your first proof of artwork, send us revisions as soon as you can! Communicating regularly with our sales team is key to keeping the process moving quickly.
  • When the artwork is perfect, order the coins without delay! Gathering funds for an order of custom coins can be tricky, but the sooner you order your coins, the sooner we can start production.
  • Lastly, be sure to let us know what your deadline is! We’ll do everything we can to help you get your custom made coins on time.

This last piece of advice is the most important. When you let us know what kind of timetable you are working with, our sales and art team can help you finish the coin design and start production on your coins as fast as possible.

At the end of the day, our goal is to provide fast and easy service. No matter what kind of coins you need, or what kind of timetable you are working with, our Signature Coins team will help you meet your deadline, and provide a high-quality custom challenge coin that’s sure to leave a lasting impression at your next big event!