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National Recreation & Parks Month Custom Challenge Coins Invite Fun

May 29th, 2014

National Recreation & Parks Month takes place each August.  The annual initiative aims to educate the public about the importance of outdoor recreation.  It also highlights the beautiful recreational areas in a city.

Use Custom Challenge Coins to Introduce Recreational Programs

Many people are unaware of all the different parks in their communities.  Use the initiative as an opportunity to introduce the different recreational programs to the local citizens.  You can do this easily through the creation and distribution of custom challenge coins.

Create a Keepsake That Everyone Enjoys

Your custom coin gift can be part educational tool and part memento.  Designed in a way that invites people to take advantage of the parks and recreational areas in your community, your custom keepsake item will be one that people appreciate and enjoy.  The recipients of your coins will display them in their homes and offices for others to see.  This will help your cause by raising awareness about the different recreational opportunities in your city.

Select an Image or Photograph to Feature on Your Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins can showcase a park, walking trail, lake or nature center.  The coins can show people engaging in a number of different recreational activities like walking, running, swimming, playing tennis or even taking photographing.  Geocaching is a pastime that is growing in popularity.

Using GPS coordinates, individuals and families hunt for hidden treasure boxes.  They fill out the log, add some type of gift to the box (A custom challenge coin, perhaps?), and return the canister to its hidden location for the next group to find.  Geocaching is something that even small children can get involved in.

Make Fun a Priority with Custom Coins

Invite fun by creating custom challenge coins to promote National Recreation & Parks Month.  Get people outdoors so they can enjoy nature for a change.  Contact Signature Coins with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  We’ll send it along with a digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  Check your email and get back to us with your approval.  Once we’ve received word from you and your payment, we’ll finalize your order with our production department.

Contact Signature Coins with Details About Your Order

Email your ideas to us at  If you’d rather speak to us directly, you can do so by calling 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We are committed to creating a custom challenge coin design for you that gets people excited about the recreational areas and parks in their communities.

Incorporating the State of Alaska into Your Custom Challenge Coin Design

May 28th, 2014

There is no other state quite like Alaska.  Known for its cold climate and wild salmon, the Last Frontier is densely populated.  This is despite the fact that it is the largest state in the United States of America.  Few people move to Alaska without expecting the harsh climate to take its toll on them.

Tourists Love Alaska

Many people, however, choose to visit Alaska which provides you with an opportunity to promote your beautiful state to tourists from around the world.  It doesn’t matter what type of business or organization you are affiliated with.  Custom challenge coins make the perfect souvenir for people of all ages.

Give Visitors Something Unique to Bring Home with Them

Anyone wanting to bring back something from their travels to Alaska will appreciate your gift.  They’ll want to display the memento in their homes or offices.  A central location where everyone can see the coins is ideal.  Custom challenge coins are the type of item that people are attached to because of the warm sentiments they bring.

Create Custom Challenge Coins as Souvenirs

Make Alaska the focal point of your custom challenge coin design.  We can help you come up a memento that is unique and reflective of your business, organization, school, club or sports team.  Contact Signature Coins for more information about the ordering process.

Our Online Gallery Will Inspire You

We can direct you to our website and online gallery where you can see examples of coins we’ve created in the past.  Pay attention to what catches your eye.  Did you like the 3D emblem on one coin and the glow-in-the-dark enamel on the other?  Do you prefer custom shaped coins opposed to traditionally shaped coins?  Thinking these things through will help you explain to us what your needs are.

Request Your Free Price Quote Right Away

Email your ideas to us at  If you’d rather call and speak to a representative, that option is waiting for you.  The number to reach us at is 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We can give you an idea about pricing, presentation options, and arrival times once you’ve contacted us.  Request a no obligation, free price quote today.

Celebrate Comic Con International with Custom Challenge Coins

May 27th, 2014

Comic Con International is celebrated August 24th-27th this year.  Comic artists and publishers are getting ready for the event by ordering swag for their tables and booths.  The weeks leading up to Comic Con International are busy for us.  Our customers love having unique custom challenge coins on hand to sell alongside their comic books and other merchandise.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild While Designing Your Custom Coins

Your custom challenge coin design is limited to your great imagination.  Let our past designs inspire the artist in you.  Our online gallery is the perfect place to see custom challenge coins in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors.  Let your muse loose.  We work with you to make sure your comic coins are everything you expected them to be.

Choose the Type of Custom Challenge Coins That Excites People

What will make your comic book challenge coins stand out in the eyes of your fans?  A 3D emblem of your superhero or comic character?  Glow-in-the-dark enamel?  A bottle opener?  We offer these options to our customers.  Let us know what will enhance the design we created for your order.

Include Custom Challenge Coins on Your Table or in Your Booth at Comic Con

Make your Comic Con International event spectacular.  Include custom challenge coins as part of your inventory this year and see how well your fans respond to new pieces of memorabilia.  Collectors love unique mementos.  Sequentially number your coins to give them a limited edition look and feel.

We also offer decorative edges, cut outs, dual plating, and even antiqued metal to heighten the detail in your artwork and transforming your custom challenge coins into a unique piece of memorabilia for your fans to collect, display, and enjoy for years and years.

Order Presentation Options for Your Fans

If you plan on selling your custom challenge coins, you’ll want to have presentation options available for your fans.  We offer a number of different packages for you to choose from.  Perhaps a velvet bag or case will do the trick.  Maybe a coin capsule or plastic stand is ideal.  All coins come in their own PVC envelopes which makes counting and inventorying them easy once you’ve arrived to the event.

Contact Signature Coins with Your Request for a Free Price Quote

Contact Signature Coins for more information about the ordering process.  We offer free artwork and design services as a courtesy to you.  Email your ideas to us at  If you’d rather speak to us directly, you can.  The number to reach us at is 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.

Create Custom Challenge Coins for Your Night Out Event

May 20th, 2014

If you are the owner of a local business or establishment, you’ll want to prepare for your girl’s, guy’s or family night out by getting your custom challenge coin order into Signature Coins quickly.  As a leading custom challenge coin company, we know a thing or two about making standout designs for our customers.  If you want to draw attention to your business and give people in your community something to talk about for years, look no further than Signature Coins.

We work with you to create a challenge coin design that is effective in promoting your event, rewarding your volunteers and staff for their hard work, thanking donors for their support, and providing customers with a thoughtful and meaningful gift that they can take home with them.  Add a coin to your swag bag and watch how excited people become when they see it.

Custom coins are the type of item that are highly regarded.  Made from solid metal and custom made, they’re a memento worth holding onto for a really long time.  Present the coins to your customers after they check into your event.  Thank the men and women for taking the time to spend a night out at your business or establishment.  This is a great way to build rapport with new customers and to make old customers feel valued.

Create custom challenge coins for your night out.  Submit your request to Signature Coins.  We’re here to help you come up with a design that is outstanding in appearance and rich in personal meaning and sentiment.

Email your request for a no obligation, free price quote and digital file containing the custom artwork that we created for you to  If you’d rather speak to us directly, you can do so by calling 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have about designing and ordering a custom challenge coin for your girl’s, guy’s or family night out.

Five Ways Custom Challenge Coins Can Be Used for Your Business or Organization

May 15th, 2014

For decades, custom challenge coins have been among the most prestigious award items around.  A part of military history, the creation and distribution of the unique metal mementos has surpassed its own popularity to become a staple for businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Part memento and part tool, today’s challenge coin is both attractive in nature and effective in purpose.

There are a number of different things coins can be used for including to inform, educate, promote, thank, and reward.  Let’s examine each concept closely to illustrate the versatility and practicality of custom challenge coins.

To Inform

Custom coins can be created in a way to inform others about upcoming programs, events, and initiatives.  Thought to be the modern day equivalent of traditional business cards, challenge coins can be used to identify a business or organization, relay its contact information (email address, phone number, website URL) to the public, announce its intentions, and communicate its mission statement to the community.  Part of the appeal of custom coins is the fact that the items are double-sided.  There is ample room to include text, logos, and other pertinent information.

To Educate

An effective educational tool, custom challenge coins can be used to educate the public about the importance of a product, service or program.  Safety initiatives are among the most popular themes for custom coins used for educational purposes.  School teachers and other professionals use the personalized items as visual aids to illustrate a point.  Custom coins often have a message included in their design.  What would yours be?

To Promote

Custom coins are among the most popular promotional tools available.  Novel in design and appearance, they are not the type of item you run across every day.  People know that they’re receiving something substantial when you give them a custom coin.  They’ll instantly be interested in what you are trying to promote because your business or organization has formed an excellent impression in their minds.

To Thank

Nothing says “Thank You!” as successfully as a custom challenge coin.  Highly regarded because of its perceived value, coins are the type of item that people want to hang onto and display for years.  We offer a number of presentation options for you to choose from.  Give the recipients of your challenge coin gift a safe place to keep their beloved keepsake.  PVC envelopes are FREE with every paid order.  We also offer plastic coin capsules, velvet bags, acrylic coin cases, velvet coin boxes, and plastic stands to present custom challenge coins in.

To Reward

Custom challenge coins serve as the ultimate reward.  They can be used as incentives for employee recognition award programs, handed out to commend workers for the years of service they put in at your business, and to highlight the achievements of members of your community for the hard work and dedication that they have displayed.

As you can see, one challenge coin can have many roles in a business or organization.  In addition to being a powerful tool, coins are keepsake items that people cherish for years.  To get started on your own custom challenge coin design, contact Signature Coins with your request.  You can reach us through the FREE price quote form located on our website, by email, and by phoning and speaking to one of our sales representatives.

Create Custom Challenge Coins for International Geocaching Day

May 14th, 2014

August 16th is International Geocaching Day.  If there’s one thing about geocaching, it’s the swag that’s left behind for other geocachers to find.  If you want something unique and exciting to put in a geocache, look no further than Signature Coins.  We can create a custom challenge coin or medallion for you to include in the different geocaches that you find.

Geocaching is a pastime that is growing in popularity.  People leave behind GPS coordinates that allow other geocachers to find their geocaches.  Once a cache has been found, the individual or group of people that find it, sign the log inside of it and leave behind treasures for others to take.

Custom challenge coins make the perfect item to enclose in a geocache.  Imagine a person’s surprise when they see your International Geocaching Day coins.  They’ll want to take one home with them as a keepsake commemorating their exciting geocaching journey.

Your geocaching coins can be whatever size, shape, and style that you desire.  We can even create coins that are bottle openers for you.  Let us know what type of design elements are the most appealing and we’ll incorporate them into your custom challenge coin artwork.  Take a look at our online gallery for ideas.  We support you and your creativity.

Create custom challenge coins for your geocaching adventure.  We can help you create a design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.  Email your ideas to  You can also call us directly at 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.

We’re here to assist you with your request by providing you with the free artwork and custom design needed to complete your order.  Let us know what we can do to make your custom geocaching coins unique and attractive.

Create Custom Challenge Coins for US Air Force Day in August

May 13th, 2014

August 1st is US Air Force Day.  Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to thank your Air Force members for their service this year.  Might we suggest a gift of a custom challenge coin?  Historically speaking, coins have been used to honor, thank, and reward military members for decades.

The History of the United States Air Force

The US Air Force has been around since 1947.  It was initially a part of the US Army but split off to form its own branch of the military over sixty years ago.  The US Air Force is one of the seven American uniformed services and one of three military departments making up the Department of Defense.

According to, “The U.S. Air Force provides air support to ground troops and aids in the recovery of troops in the field. As of 2012, the service operates 5,484 aircraft, 450 ICBMs and 63 satellites. It has a $140 billion budget with 332,854 active personnel, 185,522 civilian personnel, 71,400 reserve personnel, and 106,700 air guard personnel.”

Famous Members of the US Air Force

Throughout the years, a number of celebrities have served our country.  According to the Huffington Post, some famous members of the Air Force included:

  • Comedian Drew Carey
  • Rapper Ice-T
  • Rapper MC Hammer
  • Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Tony award winner Mel Brooks
  • Actor Chuck Norris
  • Four-Time Emmy winner Dennis Franz
  • Motivation speaker and former talk show host Montel Williams
  • Actor and comedian Bill Cosby
  • · Actor Tom Selleck
  • · Actor Kirk Douglas
  • · Actor Gene Hackman
  • · Actor Clint Eastwood
  • · Comedian Don Rickles
  • · Actor Mickey Rooney
  • · Actor Kris Kristofferson
  • · Comedian Carl Reiner
  • · Actor on the show, the A Team, Mr. T
  • Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak
  • Singer Tony Bennett

As you can see from the list above, there were a lot of famous comedians, singers, and actors who served our country.  Today’s list is growing by the minute.  Let us commend those individuals for the sacrifice that they made and the determination that they have shown by being part of our uniformed services here in the United States.

Create custom challenge coins for US Air Force Day in August.  Commemorate the occasion in a special way in 2014.  Contact Signature Coins with your request for an Air Force-themed challenge coin.  Our team of talented designers will work with you to make sure that your custom challenge coins are every bit as attractive and meaningful as you intended them to be.

Email your request to  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  Speak to a representative about your ideas.  We’ll be more than happy to give you feedback on ways to make your custom challenge coins stand out even more.

Serve Up Some Soul Food Month Custom Challenge Coins in 2014

May 9th, 2014

Soul Food Month is coming soon.  If you have soul food on your menu, you can showcase its unique flavor during the month of June.  If you have a soul food cook-off or festival planned, now is the time to promote it.  We can help you create a custom challenge coin that is attractive, meaningful, and more importantly effective as a marketing tool.

Custom coins have the power to invite, thank, and reward people.  What will your order of Soul Food Month coins do in your community?  Will you use them to gain interest in your event?  Will you create a gift for your volunteers and sponsors thanking them for their participation?  Your custom challenge coins can even be used as awards to the best soul food cooks in your city.

Coins can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They can have decorative edges and sequential numbering on them.  You can make your design even more personal with glow-in-the-dark paint or dual plating.

Create custom challenge coins for Soul Food Month in 2014.  We can help you perfect your design.  Our team of talented artists are skilled and creative.  They want your custom challenge coins to do everything you set out for them to do whether that be to invite, thank or reward.  Contact Signature Coins with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.

Email  If you’d rather speak to us directly, you can call us at 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’re here to assist you with your request and even provide free shipping to our customers with a US address.  Take a look at our online gallery to see the different sizes, shapes, and styles of custom coins that we offer.