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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Signature Coins

December 21st, 2012

Christmas is a few days away and we wanted to take a moment to let you know about our holiday schedule and to extend our wishes for a joyous and memorable holiday and an equally happy and prosperous New Year.  Our sales office will close for Christmas break from December 22nd, 2012 through January 2nd, 2013. We will reopen for business on January 3rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM. Orders placed after the 21st will be processed January 3rd and will incur a longer time frame for delivery.

Thank you for your business and continued support this year.  We are extremely grateful for you, your projects, and your creativity.  We look forward to assisting you in 2013 and beyond.  As always, you can visit our website located at for more information about designing and ordering custom challenge coins.  You can even peruse our galleries to see some of our finest examples of artwork.  We continue to put our customers first.  That’s why we offer free price quotes, free design services, and free shipping to your choice of US address.

Reach out to us by emailing or calling 1-800-953-3607.  Our sales team will work with you to ensure that your ideas are honored and communicated to our talented team of designers.  Once they’ve completed your design, we send it to you for approval.  Once the order is paid for, we submit it to our production department for manufacturing.  It’s as easy as that.

What do you plan on celebrating in 2013?  We hope that you’ll continue to use us for all of your custom challenge coins needs.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We look forward to assisting you!

National Blood Donor Volunteer Month Challenge Coins

December 19th, 2012

National Blood Donor Volunteer Month is fast approaching.  What better way to get people interested in your blood drive than with a meaningful memento like a challenge coin?  The custom gifts speak volumes about your business or organization.

Custom coins are the type of item that people of all ages enjoy and relate to.  Because of the keepsake’s appearance and hefty weight, recipients of challenge coins feel like they’re receiving something extra special.  Long ago, custom coins were created and handed out to military units to commend their service and valor.  Today, coins are still used by the military but the practice has been extended to businesses, organizations, school, clubs, and sports teams.

Blood donor volunteers provide a valuable service to communities around the world.  Without blood donations, lives cannot be saved.  Anyone needing a transfusion would be unable to receive the lifesaving procedure.  Honor those that make a commitment of time and service with a meaningful gift that they will hold onto for years and cherish.  You can choose the size, shape, and style that best meets your needs.  We’ll be sure to exceed your expectations with your thoughtful gift of custom challenge coins.

Thank blood donors for coming out to your blood drive.  Visit to see samples of coins we’ve created in the past.  Email your request to  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request by creating quality, custom challenge coins that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

68,000 Remember Campaign

December 17th, 2012

The 68,000 Remember campaign is a special one.  In fact, it’s very near and dear to our hearts.  We’ve worked with the group sponsoring this campaign for many years and wanted to spread the word about all the good they have done thus far.  We also wanted to help them recognize and support the 68,000 American troops still serving in Afghanistan.

Spirit of America is building a Wall of Support where it will feature 68,000 photos, one for each service member.  According to the group’s website, here are a few ideas for submitting a photo of your own:

  • “68,000 Remember” written on a piece of paper or the back of a business card
  • “68,000 Remember” written next to a photo of a loved one who is serving
  • A blackboard or whiteboard with “68,000 Remember”
  • “68,000 Remember” written in the sand or snow
  • A cake with “68,000 Remember” spelled out in icing
  • Coworkers or a group of students each holding a letter/number of “68,000 Remember”
  • A child’s crayon drawing

You can submit your photo to  If your photo is selected as the Photo of the Day, you’ll get a 68,000 Remember t-shirt and lapel pins.  You’ll also be recognized on the group’s website and Facebook pages.  Now, how cool is that?

To learn more about Spirit of America and their 68,000 Remember campaign, visit  You can purchase items from them knowing that 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the troops stationed in Afghanistan.

Create Custom Challenge Coins to Help with New Year’s Resolutions

December 11th, 2012

Custom challenge coins make great tools for change.  Used to remind people of their New Year’s resolutions, the personalized mementos become cherished keepsakes quickly.  Employers can hand coins out as part of a new workplace health initiative.  People wanting to lose weight and get in shape can receive the motivation that they need through the use of custom challenge coins.

One look at the inspiration message imprinted on the coin is enough to keep people moving and making conscientious decisions about diet and exercise.  That’s the beauty behind custom coins.  You have the final say as to what size, shape, style, and colors your New Year’s resolutions coins look like.  That means they can be as classic or extravagant as you want them to be.

Challenge coins can be traditionally shaped or cut-to-shape to resemble the image or photograph included on them.  Challenge coins can also have decorative edges, 3D images, bottle opener mechanisms or sequential numbering.  Bold text is also a big part of challenge coin design.  A motivational slogan or word can be enough to keep people on track where their resolutions are concerned.

Custom challenge coins are a perfect reminder of 2013’s New Year’s resolutions.  Order yours today.  Visit to request a free price quote and email attachment containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request by having our artists provide design services to you.  Email your ideas to  You can also call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free to speak to a representative.  We offer free shipping to orders placed to US addresses.

Create Custom Challenge Coins to Promote Your Workshop or Retreat

December 6th, 2012

Custom challenge coins make the perfect tool for announcing and promoting your upcoming workshop or retreat.  If you want people to be interested in what you have to offer, you need to get the word out fast.  One of the most effective ways to do just that is through the creation and distribution of custom challenge coins.

Custom challenge coins can be handed out to local businesses prior to the event.  They can then be given to customers who show interest in a workshop or retreat.  Specific information about the event can be included on the coin.  This serves as a formal invitation as well as makes a verifiable keepsake for all those that receive the coin.

There are a number of different ways coins can be customized.  Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Decorative Edges
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Enamel
  • 3D Emblems
  • Cut Outs
  • Bottle Openers
  • Medallions

Don’t forget to include presentation options for your coins.  Velvet boxes and acrylic coin cases are a few choices you have when ordering from us.  Just let us know that you’re interested in boxes or cases when you contact us for a free price quote.

Get custom challenge coins for your workshop or retreat.  Visit to request a free price quote and email attachment containing the custom artwork that we created for you.  Email your request or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll be more than happy to assist you with your request by providing you with free artwork and design services.

Promote International Creativity Month with Custom Challenge Coins

December 3rd, 2012

January is International Creativity Month.  Businesses, schools, organizations, and clubs are coming up with ideas as to ways to promote the annual initiative.  One of the most exciting and effective tools available to them is custom challenge coins.  We work with customers worldwide to come up with a design that meets their needs, explains the initiative, and highlights the events being held throughout the month of January.

Challenge coins can be created in a way that invites and awards creativity.  They can be small or large, classic or ornate.  Challenge coins can have a 3D image on them.  They can have a decorative edge that goes around the outer area of the coin.  Coins can also have cut outs or even spinning pieces.  Each adds an element of excitement to the customized gift.

Some coins are created as medallions and worn around the neck or carried on a keychain.  Other coins are made to be bottle openers.  This allows the recipient of the coin to have a useful tool that he or she can keep with them in a pocket or purse.  Bottle opener coins are extremely popular because of their dual use.  On one hand, they’re a cherished keepsake.  On the other, they’re a useful tool.

Order your creativity challenge coins today.  We can help you every step of the way of the designing and ordering process.  Visit to see the different options that we offer.  You can email your request to or call 1-800-953-3607 toll-free.  We’ll answer any questions that you have and get started on creating custom artwork for your challenge coins.