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Challenge Coins Act As Tickets For Military Balls

February 22nd, 2011

Lately, we have been getting a few requests for challenge coins that are in the shape of Military Ball Tickets.  These items are intended to replace paper tickets by gaining admission to a military ball.  In addition to being practical, they also serve as a keepsake for everyone attending the event. They are usually sequentially numbered (laser engraved) to keep each one unique and also for checking into the event.  Ticket takers can cross reference the number on the challenge coin to make sure that it hasn’t been used before.

Challenge coins, although typically circular in shape, are customizable. That’s what makes them the perfect item to use at military balls and other formal events.  By using these items as tickets, they take on another role.  Aside from their sentimental value, they also have a practical purpose.  Details about the event can be included on one side of the challenge coin while an image or photograph can be included on the other.  This helps attendees remember the date that the ball took place and can give them something to pass onto younger generations.

Collector’s items like military memorabilia is highly sought after.  Unique sizes and shapes can add value to a challenge coin’s design and make it more desirable. Military ball ticket lapel pins are unique.  They catch other people’s attention with their design and novel appearance.  That’s the beauty of ordering custom products.  They really do reflect the groups and organizations that purchase them.

To learn more about the types of challenge coins we have to offer, visit  You can also reach us by emailing or calling 1-800-953-3607.  We’ll be happy to discuss in detail your design ideas and the different custom shapes we can create your challenge coins in.

Custom School Challenge Coins Present a New Way to Show Academic Pride

February 14th, 2011

There many different ways in which educational institutions promote and support themselves.  School t-shirts, mugs and bags adorned with the school’s logo are some of the most popular and commonly used custom products.  If you are an administrator looking for a fresh new idea for your school or educational organization, why not choose custom challenge coins?

Uniquely Boosting School Morale

Challenge coins are very prominent throughout the military and many civilian groups.  What makes them special is the simple fact that they can be customized.  Custom coins can be fashioned in any shape and size as well as with any colors, theme, graphics and text you desire.  Rather than use only one side of the coins, you can maximize its overall effect by applying the same challenge coin design, or a different one, to the opposite side, creating a double-sided a coin.

For example, the school coin we created for Socorro High School celebrates the Navy ROTC institution’s long championship history.  You can see the school’s name, championship status and years as well as its mascot are featured on one side.  The backside proudly displays the type of educational facility it is, custom graphic art and text.

Multifaceted and Multifunctional

The challenge coin above is a prime example of how well choosing the right customization options will work when they are all brought together.  Another unique and interesting take on this coin would have been to design it in the shape of the school’s main building or mascot and incorporating its signature colors.  The many ways in which this and any other challenge coin can be designed are unlimited by nature which also allows them to be used in several ways.

There are many different reasons and events educators can design and use personalized coins for.  Giving award coins as gifts of achievement create a major impact at recognition and graduation ceremonies. Thank you coins will let contributing sponsors know that their donations and support funding are greatly appreciated.

We guarantee however you decide to use your custom school coins will benefit your institution in very surprising ways. However, in order for that to happen they need to be designed in a way that not only properly represents the school, but engages the best talent, skill and coin manufacturer available.

Signature Coins is committed to delivering high quality custom challenge coins that organizations and businesses cannot imagine themselves without.  Visit our Coin Gallery to see why!

Call our office today at 1-800-953-3607 or send an email with your inquiries and ideas to

Some Helpful Tips and Information About Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins

February 10th, 2011

For those who are not familiar with custom challenge coins, placing an order can introduce an overwhelming amount of options and information.  As experts of custom challenge coin manufacturing, we address the inquiries and concerns of new clients every day. Today we are sharing a few suggestions based on our industry knowledge and experience.  Our goal is not only to help eliminate the possibility of future design conflicts but also to will increase the ease of simple ordering process.

Quality Coins Require Superior Images

Your challenge coin design can include any image, or multiple images, that you choose.  However, if the graphic art for your custom coin was not created by us, it has to be the appropriate quality in order coins to look their absolute best.  We advise our customers, who are submitting their own artwork, to provide images that are clear and high resolution.  Coins with 3D areas or that are using offset printed images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Epoxy Domes and Engraving Do Not Mix

Adding an epoxy finish to your coin will give it quite a bit of shine, but you might want to skip this option if your heart is set on future engraving.  Epoxy will not allow the coin surface to be engraved. So, we recommend you either do not use an epoxy if you are planning to engrave the coin in the future or have us engrave your coins and apply the finish as a part of your order.

Digital Proofs and 3D Images

Depending on the details in the challenge coin design, creating the digital proof will require additional time.  Examples of this are coins with 3D images and designs containing a lot of content or that have more than one design choice.  We ask that our artists be allowed additional to develop the graphics and draw your full color digital proof(s).

Packaging and Presentation Options

How your coin is packaged plays a part in how it will be received.  We offer several different presentation options for you to choose from, including clear acrylic cases and velvet boxes.  To view all of our presentation options, visit the following web page,

The Best of Bottle Openers

When ordering custom challenge coins as bottle openers, the shape and size are an important factor in the ease of its use. We have found that the 2.75 inch rectangular shaped bottle opener works very well compared to other sizes and shapes.

Do not let an unfamiliarity with custom products like challenge coins prevent you from creating the best gifts and keepsakes available.  By trusting and industry leader like Signature Coins you increase your chances of not only learning more about custom coins but also arriving at the perfect coin with each and every order you place.

Call our office today so our artists can get started on your free digital proof. Our toll free number is 1-800-953-3607. Or you can submit your ideas and requests by emailing  We appreciate your patronage!

What is the Average Weight of Your Standard Size Custom Challenge Coins?

February 8th, 2011

Almost as often as we are asked to explain the difference in coin sizes, customers seek to know how much coins weigh. There are several reasons for this. If the challenge coin is going to be mailed as gift, its weight will affect the cost of shipping. If the custom coin is being used as flip coin, which is a popular sport, how easily the coin can be flipped is affected by its weight as well. Not to mention, heavier coins are typically perceived as being more valuable. Regardless of the reason behind it, knowing the correct coin weight has become an important part of many challenge coin orders.

Standard Size and Weight Variance

We cannot accurately explain challenge coin weight without mentioning challenge coin size, in particular standard challenge coin sizes. Our most commonly ordered coin size are 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches. Challenge coins made larger than 2”, such as a 4.5” coin, are too large to carry around, but make remarkable show pieces or car badges.

The weight of our challenge coins are measured in ounces. The smallest circular coin, at 1.5”, weighs about 1 oz. The next size, the 1.75” coin, is approximately 1.4 oz. Finally, the 2 inch coin fluctuates between 1.5 and 1.6 oz. Now that you are familiar with the standard weight of circular challenge coins, we will explore a couple of the design options that can affect it.

The Skinny on Customization Options

Cut-out is a very popular customization option that adds character and authenticity to the challenge coin design. Just as its name suggests, certain parts of the coin are completely removed which creates open spaces within the design details. Naturally, with a portion of the coin taken out, this option gives the challenge coin a lighter weight.

However, adding thickness to a challenge coin will make it heavier. A standard size challenge coin, like the coins listed above, is usually 3mm thick. When you request to have your coins made any thicker than that, their weight increases also.

We are happy to address and thoroughly answer any questions regarding custom challenge coins. Though coin size is common question, we realize that weight also plays a big part in the purchase of challenge coins for a few reasons. Standard circular challenge coins range from 1.5 to 2 inches and from 1 to 1.6 ounces respectively. Also, remember that design options you choose can decrease or increase the coins weight.

Contact Signature Coins today to learn more about custom challenge coin sizes, weight and personalization options. Give us a call at 1-800-953-3607 or email one of our representatives at

Custom Military Challenge Coin Keeps Armed Forces Pride Running Deep

February 2nd, 2011

When it comes to challenge coins, there is no organization that values them more than the military. We had the honor of creating a custom coin for the Navy in honor of the U.S. Submarine Service, Requin Base. What makes the coins special is its intricate design and details.  On another note, the experience as well as the customer for whom we fulfilled the request helped us learn a few interesting things we did not know about military submarines.

Over 100 Years of Defense

The U.S. Navy’s submarine force is over a century old. There are three types of submarines that cruise the oceans unseen and carrying out an assortment of mission. There are Attack Submarines, Ballistic Missile Submarines, and Guided Missile Submarines.

Attack submarines are designed to discover and destroy enemy and surface ships and project power on shore along with Special Operation Forces. The attack submarine is one of the most lethal of the United States’ defense weapons.

Ballistic Missile Submarines are frequently referred to as “Boomers” and have one main purpose, to serve as an untraceable launch foundation for international missiles.  These undersea crafts are designed to operate with precision and stealth when delivering warheads.

Guided Missile Submarines provide the Navy with a combination of strike and special mission function ability inside of a covert and concealed platform. They are armed with tactical missiles, superior communication methods and the ability to support Special Operation Forces (SOF) in the nation’s global war on terrorism.

Getting Clearance to Dive

What we found even more interesting was what our customer had to say about submarine dives.  He explained that every hatch where water can get into the vessel is represented by an indicator on a big electronic board in the control room. Before you can get a clearance to dive the vessel, all these hatches have to be closed, of course, and when they are closed you see a green line on the board as opposed to the red circle that is displayed when the hatches are open.  The Officer of the Deck, before he gives the command “Dive the boat, make your depth ___ feet”  asks the Diving Officer,  “Status of the hatches?”, and the Diving Officer says, “Green Board Sir” meaning it is safe to dive the boat.

Signature Coins takes pleasure in not only being a reputable provider of custom challenge coins but learning more and more about the historical, events, special situations, people and objects that they were designed to represent. Email us today to start your order. You can reach us at  You can also call us at 1-800-953-3607.