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Creating Your Own Customized Series of Military Challenge Coins

January 27th, 2011

The respected and rich history of challenge coins has made them a must have among numerous armed forces members and supporters. Customizing them to show one’s pride, relay important information, pay tribute to special people and of course “presenting the challenge” at get-togethers are the most common uses.

Merging Uniformity with Honors

However, when we talk about displaying pride and affiliation, your challenge coin design must not only speak volumes but also be able to leave a legacy behind.  This is why we suggest making your own series of custom challenge coins.

Honoring different battalions or units within a main military branch is easy using theme challenge coins.  With a themed coin, you can a high level uniformity and still single out and identify the smaller groups from within the branch. All of your challenge coins will have a similar primary coin design with small distinctions made for each specific unit.

Subtle Differences in the Design

Our designers can create an authentic or incorporate your own design ideas for the coin.  Once this is done, you will choose how to differentiate each sub-group from our wide assortment of add options.  Some the options most commonly used to achieve this goal are:

  • Multiple Plating- Rather than fashioning coins strictly in gold or silver, you can have them made in antique gold, silver and copper. You can utilize this option in a single coin order as well.
  • Dual Plating – If you really want all of your coins to be finished in the same metal, you can take advantage of our dual plating option.  This allows, for instance, a gold coin to be edged in silver or vice versa.
  • Text/Mottos – Including the unit’s name and well-known motto will make it obvious whom the coin was designed for.  This is an effective and somewhat subtle way of maintaining your theme and honoring each group.

The value of custom challenge coins is always the same whether you are honoring a single person or an entire group. Creating coins that have a theme of their own and including minor distinctions will add to their value both in the eyes of their recipients and anyone else that gets the opportunity to see them.

The design specialists at Signature Coins are waiting to hear you ideas.  Contact one of them today at or by calling 1-800-953-3607 and let them make your vision a reality.

Displaying National Pride With Custom Challenge Coins Shaped Like Your Home Country

January 25th, 2011

Did you know that custom challenge coins can be crafted in the same shape as your home country?  This is another great way for patriotic people to show their pride. Though there may be a countless number of other people from your homeland, none of them will be displaying their pride quite like you.

Your Country is Main Attraction

When the form of a challenge coin reflects one’s country of origin it makes them even more valuable and unique. You can easily increase the originality of your patriotic coins by incorporating important and meaningful information.  Using your choice of text and icons in the challenge coin design will give it more meaning and help it stand out.

No custom patriotic coin is complete without the appearance of its national flag. Our designers have the ability to create a coin with an inlay of the country’s flag within its unique shape.  This is what makes country coins a true display of patriotism and pride for your nation.

The words you choose for your custom challenge coin, especially one that is meant to parade national pride, are just as important as the images.  If your homeland has a particular motto or event that it is known for it is a good idea to add these details to the challenge coin design as well.

Adding Special Features

Some other features to consider when creating our custom country coin are:

You can choose single or double sided application of your coin design.  Though your one-of-a-kind design will look good on only one side, why limit yourself and the impact of the coin?

Metal plating in antique gold, silver or copper is also available.  You can even use different plating options in one coin order.

Adding special features will set your coin even further apart. Taking advantage of additional options like cut-outs, an epoxy dome, sequential numbering or glow-in-the-dark enamel will make a drastic difference in the coins presentation

Signature Coins is here to help you show respect and love for your country.  Call us today at 1-800-953-3607 to get your free price quote and complimentary digital proof.  Our knowledgeable representatives can also be reached at

Combine Your Custom Challenge Coins with Other Promotional Products

January 21st, 2011

We already know that customized coins are great as collectible and show pieces. If your organization already uses challenge coins, then adding other custom promotional products will work wonders for creating an entire line of company memorabilia.

Setting Your Organization Apart

Having a full line of products that display your firm’s logo or brand is also a great marketing tool. Since not everyone is guaranteed to want a challenge coin, having customized lapel pins or lanyards to offer instead will help you reach out to everyone. Not only that, potential clients will get the lasting impression that your company is customer service oriented and willing to do what it takes to satisfy clients needs.

Though we specialize in custom challenge coins, we can help you add items like lapel pins, embroidered patches and lanyards to your assortment.  As a matter of fact, Signature Coins can provide you with a complimentary full color digital proof and price quote for all the custom products our company offers.

Having the Right Connections

An added benefit of filling your custom product needs through us is the element of consistency.  The skill of our talented graphic artists is used to design any and every item our customers’ request. So it does not matter whether you order challenge coins, lapel pins and other custom merchandise, the quality, look and feel of your design will be remain the same.

The next time, or first time, you decide to place a challenge coin order for your group or business, remember that you do not have to stop there. Adding embroidered patches, custom lanyards, key chains or lapel pins to your promotional products line will give customers, workers and even fans a little more to look forward to and talk about. Call us toll free 1-800-953-3607.

Custom Challenge Coins for Awards and Recognition

January 19th, 2011

Rather than present a generic plaque or trophy to extraordinary individuals, why not give them something that is just as special as they are? Personalized challenge coins are an excellent choice for recognizing individual achievements and the accomplishments of an organization.

What makes customized coins perfect as awards is their ability to be designed in any way that you like. Some key elements you should pay close attention to when designing award coins are the size, plating, and presentation. Choosing the best option within each of these categories ensures creation of the best and most unique recognition coin possible.

Special Coins Require Special Attention

The size of your reward challenge coin depends on the impression you want it to make.  A 1.5” coin is standard size, large enough to include many eye-catching details but small enough to fit in your pocket.  A 2” coin is a little larger which leaves more room for artwork, text or other items you might want to add to the challenge coin design.  Custom coins that are larger than two inches, like a 4” award coin, are perfect display items in an office or study because they are too large to carry around.

The metal plating on your custom coins can be of gold or silver as well as antique gold, silver or copper.  Varying levels of accomplishment, such as those in a tiered reward system, can easily be praised using different plating. Using more than one type of plating within a single challenge coin order does not change your mold thereby eliminating any additional cost.

With your customized award coins designed to perfection, the next best thing is making sure they are presented in the right manner.  This is where our presentation options come in. Signature Coins offers a variety of presentation and packaging choices that will give recipients an undeniable sense that they are getting something special. Our velvet boxes, plastic capsules, and stands provide a method of giving and a means of protection for priceless coin collections.

If you know you have an upcoming award ceremony or simply want to praise and reward some outstanding individuals, do it in a different way.  Give them a personalized challenge coin.  Visit our Coin Pricing page at to view our full list of challenge coin design options.

Call us today at 1-800-953-3607 or fill out and submit our Free Quote request form to start our custom challenge coin order.  You can also reach us via email at

Adding Thickness to Cut Out Challenge Coins Helps Them Maintain a Nice Weight

January 13th, 2011

If you’re looking for a cut out challenge coin design that looks great and has a weightiness about it, consider increasing its thickness.  Remember that a heavier coin retains its value better because people perceive it to be worth more than something that weighs less.  This significantly impacts a person’s belief about an object especially when it is held in their hands.

Higher Perceived Value Than Other Items

An individual can look at the challenge coin, gauge its mass, and formulate an opinion as to whether or not it is something worth taking interest in.  Items that are made from heavier materials are believed to be more durable and therefore longer lasting.  That is one of the reasons why custom challenge coins remain popular today.  In fact, groups of all types have found uses for them in their personal and professional lives.

Some of the people that order challenge coins from us include:

  • Military units
  • ROTC groups
  • Fraternities and Sororities
  • Businesses
  • Clubs and Non-Profits
  • Sports teams

Ways That Challenge Coins Can Be Used

There are a number of ways that challenge coins can be used.  Here are a few of the ways we have seen our customers use theirs:

  • At awards ceremonies to honor exceptional people.
  • At conferences and job fairs as a replacement for business cards.
  • At sporting events to signify First, Second, and Third place.
  • At poker tournaments as card guards.

As you can see custom challenge coins are functional as well as attractive.  By choosing to cut out areas of the design, you are able to give it depth as well as increase its thickness. This gives you a remarkable challenge coin to hand out to your employees, troops, athletes, and customers.

Choosing a Shape for Your Custom Challenge Coin

January 11th, 2011

As a premier challenge coin manufacturer, we are surprised to find so many of our clients are unaware of their design options. The shape of custom coins is one aspect of its design that is often overlooked but can make the most difference in terms of the item’s appearance.  The point we are trying to make is that not all challenge coins have to be round.

Triangle, Rectangles, Diamonds and Squares

Those of you that are just discovering this good news about coin shape may be wondering if your ideas will work with forms other than a circle.  Our experience has taught us that they most certainly can.  As a matter of fact, once you decide what shape you want your coin to be, our skilled graphic artists will work to bring your coin’s shape and visual ideas together as one.

There is No Harm in Leaving It to the Experts

Another question we are often asked is, “What if I am not sure about what shape or type of challenge coin design I want?”  The answer to this question is simple.  Once again, our talented artists are happy to oblige and will determine the coin’s shape and create the design details for you.

There is still plenty of room to be creative even if you decide to let the experts at Signature Coins create your coin. Customizing your challenge coin’s shape is just one of the many options we have available to make your coin unique. We allow you to use any colors, logos or artwork, text or mottos, and edge options you want. On top of that, we offer several extras like antique gold, copper and silver finishes, cut outs, and glow-in-the-dark enamel to help your coin really stand out.

Our Coin Gallery page displays an assortment of challenge coins we have created. Go to to see what makes Signature Coins an industry leader in custom coin creation. Then request your Free Quote or send us an email at containing your design ideas.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call our office at 1-800-953-3607. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to working with you!

2011 Is the Perfect Time to Order Custom Challenge Coins

January 6th, 2011

Ordering custom challenge coins from Signature Coins is a great way to start the new year.  In addition to be durable and versatile, these items make the perfect gift for military units, schools and universities, charitable organizations, and businesses of all sizes.  Due to their luxurious appearance and weightiness, challenge coins have a higher perceived value than other types of awards and gifts.  People that receive a challenge coin can look at it and know that their efforts are appreciated.

Features That You Can Add to Your Challenge Coin Design

Here are a few of the features that we offer to our customers:

  • Unique shapes and sizes
  • Choice of colors
  • Single or double sided challenge coins
  • Decorative edges
  • Glow-in-the-Dark enamel
  • Sequential numbering
  • 3D emblems

You can take any number of these options and include them in your custom challenge coin order.  Each add-on has its own list of advantages and can make the artwork that we create for you stand out in a crowd.  The more unique you want your challenge coins to be the more features you should add to your coin design.  To see what additional options we offer, visit  You will be able to see a more comprehensive list than the one we included above.

Why Order Custom Challenge Coins?

There are many ways to use custom challenge coins in everyday settings.  Here are a few that we feel are the most popular:

  • To reward a good deed or accomplishment
  • To honor a loved one that has passed
  • To educate the public about a product, service or organization
  • To use at fundraisers
  • To recruit talent at job fairs
  • To thank customers for their business

As you can see, there is no reason not to order custom challenge coins this year. To find out how, visit