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Custom Challenge Coins Create Bonds

Since World War I, challenge coins have been used officially as a way to honor, encourage, and reward individuals for their personal and professional accomplishments. Due to their high perceived value and ability to be customized, the keepsakes are highly revered amongst military units, non-profit organizations, clubs, and academic institutes. A symbol of strength and commitment, custom challenge coins are used to build relationships amongst groups of people.

Use Challenge Coins as a Token or Test

One of the most common uses of challenge coins is that of a test. When group members of a club or military unit gather, a “coin challenge” is often issued, which requires that one’s challenge coin be presented. If an individual does not produce his or her coin, they must perform a task for the others. This typically involves buying a round of drinks for either the challenger or the entire group! Group members are encouraged to carry their challenge coins at all times as a token of loyalty (and to be prepared in the event they’re on the receiving end of a challenge).



Police Coins honor the dedication of those who protect and serve. Let us show you how easy it is to design and order top-quality police coins!

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Firefighter Coins are a great way to honor men and women who risk their lives to save others. We make designing and ordering firefighter coins fast and easy!

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Promote your brand and boost company morale with Corporate Coins. They're fast, easy to design and order. These custom coins help strengthen team relationships and the results will show in your bottom line!

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Military Challenge Coins honor the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. We make them easy to design, order and carry with pride!

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The Best Custom Challenge Coin Company Online

If you are looking for a custom challenge coin company that creates high quality coins in a short turnaround time, your search ends at Signature Coins. Here you will find the widest range of challenge coins, challenge coin styles and custom coin designs. We offer a variety of enamel coin types to choose from as well as metal-only diestruck coins:

  • Custom enamel coins designed for Soft enamel challenge coin production - These custom coins are extremely popular because of their unique appearance and affordability.
  • Custom enamel coins designed for Cloisonné challenge coin production ( also known as hard enamel coins) - These coins can have bright and vivid colors that will not fade over time. They most recognizably resemble jewellery and are very durable and detailed.
  • Sandblasted custom coin designs ( more commonly used for Diestruck challenge coins) - These usually have an all metal look with portions of the coin brilliantly polished and other portions have a matte textured recessed area.
  • Custom made Antique coin designs- If you are looking for "The Vintage" look with old world charisma having recessed areas darkened and raised areas ligther and polished, this style gives more contrast to fine detail especially on a custom die struck coin.
  • Custom made coins for 3D cast/cut out- It is great for cut out lettering, faces and designs with intricate outer shapes.
  • Custom made coins for Offset printed- It is appropriate for photos without altering or disrupting the desired logo design and for protecting the look, an epoxy coating is added.

Why would you choose Signature Coins for your custom made challenge coins?

Our design staff is enormously creative, and they’re professionals at turning your ideas into eye-catching challenge coins. Go ahead, make as many revisions as you’d like: there’s no extra charge. Not sure what your challenge coins should look like? Our 15 years in business give us unmatched experience in designing amazing, custom challenge coins that will differentiate you from the competition including coins for:

  • Sports teams
  • Sporting events
  • Employee recognition
  • Trade shows
  • Marketing promotions
  • Charity events
  • Political campaigns
  • Branding
  • Giveaways
  • And so much more

Want an eye-catching custom coin that doesn’t cost a fortune? Whether you’re searching for custom challenge coins for your unit or department, a product launch or trading coins for your baseball team, you can count on Signature Coins to provide:

  • In-house designs and full-color proofs
  • Extremely creative design team
  • Years of experience you can trust

The Custom Challenge Coin

Something Memorable, Something Lasting

With Signature Coins you can expect exceptional customized challenge coins. Our fine detailing, amazing customer service and contemporary designs are what makes us stand out from the rest of our coin competition. Signature Coins can create any custom challenge coins fast, including any custom challenge coins with your logo. We've helped thousands of customers nationwide create the perfect coins for any occasion. We design challenge coins in many styles and themes, coins for safety, teamwork, schools, corporations, the military, patriotic coins, religious coins, holiday coins and more. See a challenge coin you like and want to make it your own? Our art department can help you create a custom design - just like that!

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